Jose Mourinho’s Son Says “Chelsea Fans Are A Disgrace”

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Jose Mourinho‘s son, Jose Jr., has criticized Chelsea supporters for booing midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

Fans had booed Fabregas during Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Southampton, and Jose Jr., who is a youth team goalkeeper with Fulham, was not impressed.

Mourinho Jr. posted a picture of Fabregas on his Instagram page with the following message:

Why is everyone hating and blaming Fabregas for Sunday’s performance… It was a team effort. Fabregas might have not played as well as most expected but at least he kept fighting… Showed a lot of character, I’ve seen bad Chelsea fans but Sunday was the worse I’ve ever seen, Fans booing Cesc not singing at all, I completely agree with the chant “Mourinho’s right, you’re fans are s—e” Our fans are a disgrace!!!!



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