Jose Mourinho Calls On UEFA To Ban David Luiz

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho wants UEFA to ban PSG’s David Luiz for the quartet finals of the Champions League.

Luiz put in a stellar performance, shutting down Diego Costa and even managing to get up the other end and score a goal.

Luiz walked home with the Man Of The Match award, and Mourinho wasn’t too impressed.

“The David [Luiz] elbow I didn’t see, but when Uefa gives him the Man of the Match I have to believe there is no elbow,” he told reporters. “He played very very well and I have to believe no elbow because I can’t believe that Uefa gives the Man of the Match to someone that made an aggression.

“So maybe because they cannot give us the penalty now, they can do what is fair from the disciplinary point of view and suspend David and let Ibra play the quarter-finals, because he deserves it.”



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