JORDAN’S JUICE: Post-AMVCAs And Must Hear Gists Of This Week [MUST READ]

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I am so excited writing the second edition of my JORDAN’S JUICE. I literally couldn’t wait for this Friday as I was eager to share these thirst-quenching juice with you all, although I am sorry for its lateness.

Last week, before the AMVCAs ( Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards) night, I was at the venue taking pictures and sharing my thoughts on what went down. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Moving on, the AMVCAs was fun even tho I never attended. When I mean “attend”, I meant, I didn’t step out in a 3 piece black suit, bespoke made shoes and designer scent like Ebuka Obi Uchendu did, neither did I make up my mind to look as expensive as the big-headed and success driven boy, Noble Igwe. (I can’t call this to his face, never! ) He was clad in Agbada! They both looked good. I just was in my simple, casual all black wear and the hotel flip flops. I mean it.

Myself on the other hand was just in my simple, casual all black wear and the hotel flip flops. I mean it.

Noble Igwe and Ebuka Obi Uchendu
Noble Igwe and Ebuka Obi Uchendu

I was more like a red carpet photographer as I smartly held an Apple Ipod for my straight way pictures for Instagram. The stars trooped in, in all glamour and grace, and for the moment, being my first AMVCAs red carpet experience, I was enjoying the whole scenario.

Although, I have a whole lot of media friends and celebrities, but, according to a role model, “when you gotta do what you gotta do, you gotta do what you gotta do.” They kept paying homage when they saw me, and I reciprocated the courtesy. Everything was going on well until something came walking down the Red Carpet aisle.

At first, I wanted to raise an alarm because I have never seen something like that on the red carpet before. And trust me, I have graced so many red carpets. Guess what scared me?! SUSAN PETERS, HER HAIRDO AND HER OUTFIT!

Amvca-2015-red-carpet-Susan-Peters-672x1007As I was hesitating on whether to run past the bodyguards or run through the set where Uti Nwachukwu and Eku Edewor were having their red carpet presentation, Susan called me. She wanted me to take a picture of her with her phone. Oh Goodness Gracious! Will she fly? Will she turn me into a tuber of yam? Are mosquitoes biting her? These questions I kept pondering on.

I finally calmed down,  mustered the nerves to oblige her request and after taking few pictures of her, she smiled and said, Thank You. Oh what?! I am safe! I was completely in one piece. She went inside the awards hall. I sighed. Who made her dress, and why the mosquito net over her? I’ll leave you to answer that.

Just when I thought the fear factor was over, I saw another figure. My heart was in my mouth. It was the black version of Susan. Gesturing towards me was EUCHARIA ANUNOBI, HER EYEBROWS AND BLACK OUTFIT.

She also wanted me to take pictures of her on the carpet! But why me? Anyways, I had the tag of a Red Carpet Photographer on my neck, so what else would I have expected? Eucharia-AnunobiPhew! But I gotta tell you that she was courteous and nice, although her look was still as scary as the picture above is. Red Carpet came and went, I went into the awards hall, at least I gotta witness a couple of moments. The Awards finished right about some minutes to 10 O’ Clock. The After-Party was to hold at the same venue but in a more VIP and exclusive area.

I was about approaching the entrance of the after-party venue, I saw bouncers restricting people cos they never had their VIP passes into the after party. I for one person have issues with bouncers and at this point it dawned on me that I had to run back into the hotel room to pick up my pass. You know, a popular celebrity was bounced. They didn’t allow her enter. “Those people ehn, their eyes can chook for Africa.”- It’s a slang and I hope you get it.

Jordan's Juice AMVCA
Say My Name! Yes I had my own Invite as well as After Party VIP pass

I came back and I confidently walked it, grinning funnily at the bouncers as they stared at me. Well, I was in my IDGAF (Strong Language) mood so I just was unbothered. This party was just one to be. I had time to mingle, I mean, from my best dressed of the day TOKE MAKINWA to the Mavin boys, the Big Brother Boys and what have you. The AMVCAs after party was the bomb!

Toke was so beautiful in her thigh slit dress for the event proper and then she also brought her dancing moves with her to the after party. Her husband must have been so proud of her. I love TOKE.

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa
TOKE and I : The disco lights got our face so bright. We really partied!
Happy People, TOKE and I: The disco lights got our face so bright. We really partied!
Jordan's Juice AMVCA
Myself, Korede Bello and Reekado Banks
Jordan's Juice AMVCA
Famous People: Myself, Melvin Oduah and Bassey Bonny of the Big Brother Africa Fame

We partied into the morning. Oh by the way, I still didn’t look like someone who came to party. I was just caught up in the process. And I sure enjoyed every bit of the moment! My picture with the eccentric Denrele Edun will show you what I looked like that day.

Play mood! I stood on those boots.
Play mood! I stood on those boots.

Away from the good time at the party, it was time to go to sleep and can I feel free to tell you that I had a big room to myself alone. I was lodged in one of the top rooms close to the Presidential Suites of the Eko Hotel and Suites by my boss. I mean, I was living the life. From my room, I took a picture.

Jordan's Juice AMVCA
My view. That AMVCA weekend was fun tho.

Left to me, I would’ve continued my last weekend experience but then……. let’s save it up for the next edition which comes up next Friday. So if you do not want to miss out, better keep watching this space and stay tuned for more juice. I love you guys still.

Till next week Friday people, Cheers to the friggin weekend and drink to that!

SPOILER ALERT: I went steam bathing and something new happened to me. You don’t want to miss out on this! (Viewers Discretion Is Advised) 

I had a steam bath. It was the life!


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