JORDAN’S JUICE: Nigerian Students Know How To Have Some FUN

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From the last JORDAN’S JUICE, I am supposed to share that steam bath experience like I promised but hey, you gotta read this first!

I spent a couple of nights with a friend in his school hostel, but this particular night I would not forget in a long while.

Aye! It’s Friday. In the past few weeks. my official email have been bastardised with messages from tons of people appreciating JORDAN’S JUICE.

I am really inspired to a whole new level and as a result of this, I definitely will stay true to giving you guys amazing write ups to read about. Moreover, today some videos made it to my list and I have decided to share a couple with you as well.

So I paid a friend a visit in his school hostel, and he decided to show me the nightlife of a typical Nigerian student. I would never hesitate on fun stuffs like this. Not like I haven’t or never had such experience, I just wanted to see what it was like. He set the pace and I followed. My adventurous self.

We decided to visit a Buka (typical slang for a local food outlet). The one we visited was more like a joint where all they do is to prepare Indomie (Noodles) for students. The most interesting of all is this, the packaging here is badass!

While I awaited my package of stir-fried noodles garnished with a piece of turkey and fried eggs, I noticed quite a number of things around me. Although there was a queue of hungry people including myself and a couple of friends, everyone was just busy staring at the guy making the meal.

The dexterity at which he was mixing the mixable tho. It got me. After the proper meal was done, it was time to fry the egg. He wouldn’t waste a nick of time in pouring the already whisked egg into the pan accompanied with veggies, sauce and chilli.

While he went on with his fierce preparation as a result of more people joining the already burgeoning queue, I noticed a segment of this make-shift Buka, and there were pieces of roasted turkeys and sausages roasting in the heat of the burning coal beneath.

FullSizeRender (3)

Prior to now, it didn’t occur to me that your mean will have all of that as i mentioned earlier, it was later I figured out that it’s part of your meal. I was about taking a couple of pictures as i made my way into my pocket to pick my phone on one hand and still hold my baseball cap on the other.

The moment I looked down into my jeans pocket and back up, the turkeys had reduced to one and just two sausages left. OMG! Did something happen?

Before I could say Jack Robinson, the queue had dispersed as every one made their way to the front of the guy who apparently had served some portions for people that deserved it. What? I dashed to the front as well, not minding who I came before or who came after me.

” Oga na my won remain oh”.

” Wetin dey do this guy sef” . 

” You nor dey look face at all”

” This guy meet me for here now”

” I go vex comot oh”

Everyone fought for themselves including me as the guy properly placed the now-fried eggs into the portions of noodles on his table.

Oga you put extra pepper for me ba“, I asked as I made to pick up one out of the meal portions. I love hot food hence the need for extra chilli in my meals. He pretended not to see me, neither did he flinch a bit as regards my question. I was unbothered, so used to this kind of a student lifestyle so I was not too offended.

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)


Just when I picked up my meal and my friends paid for ours, some guy just storms the venue in bitterness facing the ” chef “, he let all hell loose.

“Which kain yama yama be this” 

” Them meet me for here na”

“After all, I don give you money, You talk say make I come back”

“Now everything don finish, aswear you nor try at all oh”

FullSizeRender (2)


Apparently, the annoyed guy made a down-payment for his meal and was told to come back since he wasn’t ready. And now he’s back and he doesn’t have a meal. Of course, he should be offended seeing that those he even came before had a package in their hands.

As the scene went on, I just watched in surprise as they both argued. Finally, the I-don’t-speak-to-customers chef spoke. I was stunned. “Oga no vex“, he replied as he apologised. Perhaps the pressure to satisfy the queue overtook his mind hence forgetting someone had paid for a meal.

Well, what’s next. I was about to intervene in the already heated argument before my friend tapped me and silently whispered into my ears, “Jordan, the chef gave you that guy’s meal“. Like what?

Oh, while we set out ON this adventure, I remembered telling my friends to go ahead to the Buka as I caught up with an ol’ time friend. I joined them later on and never knew that every meal available/ to be made was already ordered with two packs remaining. We were 3 and my two friends had taken the last two.

Do you all get the drill now? I snapped out of my Mr-Nice-Guy spirit and I never even dared say a word to both the annoyed guy and the apologetic chef.

I walked as fast as I could with my friends trailing me, LOL. Who would want to forfeit the meal they had been salivating for, all the while it was being made in my presence. Apologies,this can’t pass me by.

It was one of the best meals I have ever had in a school setting! Woah. You should try this kind of food adventure sometimes. I have a very sincere question. What would you have done if you were in this situation? Please use the comments section for your answers.

By the way, I promised to share a couple of videos with you and I am surely going to fulfil my promise. The videos I stumbled upon this week are just one-kind-of-a-video. Don’t get your ribs cracked.

TGI Friday! My friends are hosting me on a night out. I definitely will have some fun. Till next week friday guys. *Sips Vodka*

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