JAMB UPDATE! What To Wear For The Best Result

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To a large extent, what you wear goes a long way in affecting your mental stability hence the need to keep reading this.


Although they have been recent modifications and you can now take your UTME tests online, that doesn’t give you the opportunity to dress inappropriately.


One of the first thing that needs to be sorted out on a day of such an important exam should be your outfit. A comfortable outfit does the magic and keeps you settled while you rack your brains for the solutions to your test. Spot on, yeah? Good.


Moving on, here are five tips to help you achieve best results!



The mere fact that it’s a CBT makes it a lot easier for anyone to get lazy and show up looking all shades of scruffy. A smart casual dress may pass as a perfect look for the day. It is smart and casual at the same time and gives you the needed ease.





Jeans is the ultimate outfit. It is comfortable and can be paired with a t-shirt or just any simple top.





A pair of light footwear including sandals, flat shoes or sneakers is the perfect choice to complete your outfit. You can team your smart casual dress or a jeans with a fancy pair of sneakers and you will be good to go.





A wristwatch is a compulsory accessory and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or fancy as long as it helps you keep time. Writing such an exam requires you to be time conscious hence the need for a wristwatch.





Rather than a handbag, carrying a simple pencil case serves better. It is easy to carry about, and it can house your writing materials as well as your JAMB printout slip.




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Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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  1. if you no you have not seen your jamb result 2015 contact Mr james ON 09034454353 and for upgrade from 120 above to 232

  2. I am in 100% support of the wrist watch and pencil case. I hate being caught unawares when it comes to time and hate to know that I have to borrow a pen or a material. I’d rather go with a jean that a dress. This is helpful for all them jambites. Nice one ‘again’ juliet.

  3. I go with a pair of jean…it makes u comfy and all…Also the pencil case is necessary and wrist watch so u are time conscious…

  4. its a nice one(article).your mode of dressing sometimes affect ur mental ability,so I guess jamb students shud take this piece of advice. nice one jully gbemudu:-)

  5. I agree with the idea of appearing in casual outfit.Personally,I’m in the habit of wearing long sleve shirts for all my examinations since it has a way of calming my nerves and making me feel relaxed hence enhancing my concentration and focus ability

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