Is Ice Prince Zamani Searching For Love Or Just Plain Lustful?

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Maybe Ice Prince was just carried away by the lady’s booty and hour-glass figure.

I was scrolling through my Instagram page as well as doing a little bit of insta-stalk, just then I stumbled on a notification of Rap Musician Ice Prince Zamani liking a picture of a female matchmaker.

Clad in a bikini and in a sexually titillating position with her full body shape in glare, she took a mirror selfie. One could tell that Ice Prince couldn’t resist such snaps as he double tapped the image showing he liked it.

Mya Hassan, the lady in question.
Mya Hassan, the lady in question.

The name of the lady in question is Mya Hassan (IG- CurlyMya) and according to her page, she is the owner of an elite matchmaking & concierge company. She posts very racy images of herself on her IG page making it even more intriguing as to whether Ice is loving up or was in lust as a result of the raunchy picture (s).

See for yourself…..

FullSizeRender (7)


Perhaps, Ice Prince wants to acquiesce with her, and, in the long run, seek help to matchmake him with someone? Or is it just a double tap?

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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