Incredible Facts You Never Knew About The Vagina

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Perhaps due to religious and cultural norms in some climes of the world, the reproductive organs of both males and females were barely discussed. This has however changed as we try to understand our bodies better especially as regards having optimum sexual fulfilment. Both the male and female reproductive organs play very important roles in reproduction and sexual intercourse and these aspects are understood to a large extent.

However, there are some subtle roles the reproductive organs play, especially the female vagina which has been previously unknown or misunderstood. We hope to espouse these roles and how they affect our day to day sexual activities.

The Vagina lies way inside
Very many people follow the misconception that the female vagina describes the opening and insides of the female sexual organ. This is quite wrong as most of the places deemed to be the vagina are actually the vagina opening. The vaginal opening can also be referred to as the female genitalia or the vulva which is made up of the skin like structures called the Labia majora and Labia minora. In reality, the vagina is a tube measuring about 8 to 10 centimeters (2 to 4 inches) in length and 2 centimeters (three quarter of an inch) in width. The vagina connects the vaginal opening to the cervix.

The vagina is expandable and sensitive
The opening of the vagina is very muscular and is made up of muscular ridges that line both sides. Due to its muscular nature, the vagina has the capacity to expand exceedingly beyond its normal size. The vagina can expand up to 20 centimeters in length and This expansion is especially important during childbirth and sexual intercourse. The vaginal opening as well as the vagina itself is highly muscular in nature due to the presence of muscular ridges that line it. That’s why the vagina holds immense capacity to expand during intercourse as well as during child birth. Amazingly, the vagina has the capability to expand about 10 to 20 cm in length and 6 centimetres during sexual intercourse and slightly higher during childbirth.

Some women have no hymen
The hymen is a thin tissue that lies in between the walls of the vagina opening about 1 to 2 centimeters into the vagina. This thin tissue is usually associated with virginity and is falsely thought to be present in all women. In truth, some women do not have a hymen at all while some may have it broken due to intercourse, hormonal activity and strenuous physical activities. As a result of this, beliefs related to the hymen, such as bleeding during first sexual intercourse should be seen as subjective and may not necessarily occur in every woman.

Something known as the G-spot exists
The G- spot named after German gynaecologist, Ernst Grafenberg is a spot said to be present halfway into the vagina on the front wall. It is a centre of immense pleasure perhaps due to the presence of a lot of nerve endings. It is slightly rough and the large amount of nerve endings is guaranteed to give the everyday woman immense satisfaction.

The size of your man’s penis doesn’t guarantee satisfaction
Believe it or not, but size doesn’t matter as it is not equivalent to the amount of pleasure you will get. The explanation for this can be found in the female genitalia or vulva which had numerous nerve endings which exceed the amount that is present inside the vagina itself. The nerve endings present transmit the sensations of pleasure and pain and it can also be attributed to the reason why women experience unimaginable pain during the crowning phase of child delivery while also experiencing extreme pleasure when their men concentrate on the vulva region during sexual intercourse.

The vagina has its own lubricating system
It’s not unusual for some women to complain of not being well lubricated during sexual intercourse or feeling dry in their vagina. Women have an internal mechanism to keep them well lubricated during sexual intercourse. There are glands named the Skene’s and Bartholin glands in the vagina which secrete fluids during arousal and intercourse to ensure that the vagina is well lubricated. If you are the type that suffers from dryness during intercourse, there are water based vagina creams that will ensure you enjoy the maximum pleasure desired during sexual intercourse.



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