In The News: Words On The Marble From The Last 7 Days (or more)

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It’s been a game-changing period in the political landscape of Nigeria all 2015 long.



The citizens as well as the international communities have watched keenly; as well as commented and debated on real happenings around. It’s been volatile in some aspects, as well as marginally impressive on other fronts.



From our end, we have kept you in tune with the biggest news headlines making the rounds nationwide via our Early Edition posts.



In addition to that; we bring you Words On The Marble, call these nuggets if you may. These basically are the biggest lines in the news from the last 7 days (or more).



Shall we? Yes indeed… And errm, if you are wondering how we culled these nuggets, we already explained in the third paragraph of this post.



In The News: Words On The Marble



With no further ado; here, our Words On The Marble from news of the last 7 days (or more) –



“My husband is the messiah” – Patience Jonathan

On March 17th, at a rally in Illorin, Kwara state, the First Lady hit us with the bang as she revealed that President Goodluck is the messiah. Punch reports in these words;

“Nigerian women, if they (APC) come, tell them that your mother said you should not listen to them. They have nothing to offer. They have nothing to give you, Nigerian women; because the battle has already been conquered, God has opened the way for us. God has brought down the messiah for us. And PDP is the messiah. Goodluck is the messiah,” the President’s wife said at the Peoples Democratic Party’s women presidential rally in Ilorin.



“APC is full of rascals” – Patience Jonathan

On March 19th; Daily Post reported the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, as describing the members of the APC as ‘rascals’. She made the made the comment on Wednesday during the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, women presidential rally at the Liberation stadium in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

“I will not condescend so low to join issues with them because they are rascals and I will not respond to them.”
“Don’t let me open my mouth to talk about these rascals….”,
she said.



“Buhari will throw more Nigerians into jail” – Patience Jonathan

A March 18th news report by Vanguard has it that First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan said she would not want to reply critics of the nation’s first family, describing them as rascals.

At the Rivers leg  of the Peoples Democratic Party’s women presidential rally at the Liberation stadium in Port Harcourt, the First lady, Dame Jonathan, said Buhari would be intolerant to opposition and contrary ideas if elected as President, stressing that he would throw more Nigerians into jail than he did as military Head of state.



“Do not be afraid of going to jail” – Aisha Buhari

On March 19th, Premium Times revealed to us what Aisha Buhari, wife of the All Progressives Congress, APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, said in response to Patience Jonathan’s claims of Muhammadu Buhari being intolerant and ready to throw more Nigerians into jail.

Aisha went “For those that are campaigning, saying that he is coming to jail Nigerians, I don’t know what their fear is. But they shouldn’t be afraid, because we are all yearning for change. The insecurity in the country, the very poor healthcare system, lack of education and other basic necessities that people are lacking I believe Nigerians need somebody like General Muhammadu Buhari now.”



“The APC is an expired drug” – Patience Jonathan

Vanguard reported the First Lady as having referred to the opposition, APC, as expired drugs at a Rivers state Peoples Democratic Party’s women presidential rally at the Liberation stadium. The report says of her as likening the APC to expired painkillers. The first who likened the All Progressive Congress, APC to the outdated APC pain killer drug, advised people of the state not to vote for the party, saying it had no program   for contemporary Nigeria.

“Vote out this expired drug called APC”, she said.



“Jonathan is a lion and he gave birth to a lion” – Patience Jonathan

At same Rivers State rally, Dame Jonathan went on to express hope that  Jonathan would be re-elected. Mrs. Jonathan also said the party’s governorship candidate,  Barr Nyesom Wike would win the guber poll..

“PDP will install Nyesom Wike as governor because President Jonathan is a lion and he gave birth to a lion”, she said, according to Vanguard.



God did not reveal Jonathan as winner of March 28 election” – Rotimi Amaechi

Daily Post reported Rivers State Governor and Director-General of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign, APCPCO, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi, as saying God has revealed who will win the March 28 presidential election, but was quick to add that President Jonathan was not the one revealed.

Making this claim at the South-South zonal rally of the APC staged at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt, River State, Amaechi called on Nigerians to support the aspiration of the APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.).

The Governor stated that “God has shown who will be President and we know that it is not Jonathan”.

He went further;

“Do you remember the Jonathan in the Bible? What did he do? He betrayed his father, right? This time around we need a man that would deliver the country for both Christians and Muslims. There will be no Christian or Muslim, but a Nigerian government”, he asserted.



We should take a breather at this point. Next week has tons more coming your ways, hopefully. Stay with us now and you can’t go wrong. And remember, say NO to violence and use your PVCs wisely. Cheers!







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