I want To Fight You But You Have To Chill: Khan to Brook

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Aside from the big fight that’s on everybody’s mind, the date marked on calendars. The fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao holds May 2.

Briton boxer, Kelly Brook who is also the IBF Welterweight champion is hungry for a fight with Amir KhanKhan. Unfortunately for the young boxer, Khan is not ready to fight someone he tags a nobody. No, he called him a nobody. He really did.

Khan is ready to face him in the next 12 months at Wembley though. And he told Sky Sports HQ that Brook is nowhere in his cross hairs at the moment.

“Kell Brook, if you want to take the fight, winner takes all, I’m up for it because I know I’ll take everything because I’ll beat you. So let’s do it, man,” Khan said.

“I’d love to go in the ring and fight Kell Brook, it could be his last fight against me because the thing is, I’ll give him that much of a beating it could end up being his last fight.

“And maybe that’s why he wants it, because he knows that last fight against me will financially secure him for the rest of his life. So maybe he just wants that

“It’s all about timing: if I’ve got a different route and I want to face the likes of the Mayweathers and Pacquiaos out there, then Kell Brook will have to wait.

“We don’t want to rush this fight because it is going to be a big fight. It’s going to be a huge fight but it’s all about the timing.

“Kell Brook was saying he was going to forget about Amir Khan, he wants to fight Pacquiao and Mayweather. These guys don’t know who Kell Brook is. Regardless of if he is a world champion, he’s just a name.”

And when asked who would win the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight he had this to say:

“Realistically we’re looking at Mayweather to take the fight because he’s just that much better, I think, at his most skilful.”

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