“I HAVE SEX 500 TIMES A DAY” Kim Kardashian Spills Bedroom Ritual

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Kim and Kanye bang each other over 500 times in just one day!

It’s no news Kim and Kanye are trying so hard for another baby. Hence, the couple have been doing anything just to make this dream come true.

And Kim Kardashian revealed a tad too much about how she and husband Kanye West are trying to conceive in the new teaser for the upcoming tenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that was released on Thursday.

‘I’ve been having sex 500 times a day,’ shared the American reality TV star after which her sister Khloe reacted in disgust after hearing too much personal information.

The trailer opens with Kim lying on her bed talking to Khloe about how hard she is trying to become a mother more than ever.

‘I’ve been having sex 500 times a day,’ she exaggerated to her 30-year-old sibling.


‘Ah!’ yelled Khloe with her mouth wide open while rolling her eyes.

TMI: Khloe in disgust
TMI: Khloe in disgust

Before Kim went completely blonde, her topmost priority was to get her almost 2-year-old North a little sibling.

But wait…. 500 times a day? Exaggeration yeah? Anyways, Kim is capable of anything and Kanye is up to the task as well. I suppose!


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