Hugh Jackman Speaks About The Possibility Of WOLVERINE Joining THE AVENGERS

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Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see a Wolverine- a character made famous by the X-Men franchise, as part of the superheroes in consecutive sequels of The Avengers franchise?!

The Avengers

With recent news emerging that Spiderman will join future films alongside mega-group The Avengers, Hugh Jackman spoke with Yahoo Movies about the possibility of Wolverine also teaming up with the fellow superheroes.

‘You know, I think as an optimist I would love it. That’s the best thing about comic books; you can just pitch these characters into each other.’

‘I’m surprised by what’s happened with Spider-Man joining…two years ago I’d have said you’d be a real optimist to think it’d ever happen, but weirdly now I just think it maybe could. I think there is the possibility that it will happen.’


He added that he would love to repeat his mutant role next to Robert Downey Jr who plays Iron Man in The Avengers and stand alone films.


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