How Kris Jenner’s CONSTANT SEX With Boy Toy Disturbs The Family

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Should we not not be surprised that Kris Jenner is capable of pulling such a string of constant sex with her boy toy that disturbs her family?

Although its Kim Kardashian who has been talking about her own sex life a lot recently, so it might be no surprise that she’s happy to discuss her mother’s bedroom shenanigans.

The Reality TV star is seen complaining about mum Kris Jenner to sister Khloe in an upcoming episode of the family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

For a while now, Kim has been living with Kris while she and husband Kanye awaits the completion of their house renovation. and she revealed that she can hear almost every sound her mother and new boyfriend Corey Gamble make during the night.

Corey Gamble
Corey Gamble

‘It wakes me up,’ she says in a sneak clip from the show. ‘The bed like bangs up against the wall, and I was like literally trying to pass out and I woke up and I swear I thought I heard moaning.’

The reality TV star is clearly disturbed by the thought of her mum getting it on in the next room and Khloe admits that she finds the age gap between Kris, 59, and Corey, 33, ‘creepy’.

‘He’s younger than Kim and Kourtney,’ she says.


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