How 50 Shades Of Grey Espouses Male Dominance

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Fifty Shades of Grey is the movie everyone seems to be talking about. Since its release to cinema screens worldwide in mid February, a lot of feminists seem to be hard hit by the various pointers and interests the movie seems to glorify. The E L James bestseller book has had over 100 million copies sold which was mostly purchased by women to learn about sexual gratification from a relatively poorly written book which is somewhat an antithesis of feminism. Watching the film has only convinced us further that women love male dominance and submission as masculine control is a major turn on for them.

In a move that is perhaps not surprising, feminists have come out with guns blazing to attack the narrative of the movie saying the typical female personality is under attack. Since the release of the movie, statistics have shown that there has been a somewhat sharp increase in donations made to foundations covering anti – domestic violence and women charities. The typical feminists perception is more aptly covered by Gail Dines- a Massachusetts college Professor who initiated a campaign to boycott and stimulate protests against the movie which she tagged “50 dollars not 50 shades”. Even though her campaign is one of several that has come up since the release of the movie, it seems their actions will do little to influence the love and perception the female folk have for the movie which makes it apparent that feminist propaganda can never overshadow the biological wiring of women.

Truthfully Inconvenient
For decades, a lot of truths which Fifty Shades of Grey raises have been grossly avoided by proponents of feminism. Such things as females calling themselves inappropriate words such as Sluts and B*tches which is apparently at perhaps the same level of usage as men were pointedly ignored by feminists who were bent on heaping the blame on the malefolk. More so, the believe in male oppression and non consensual rape by men was strongly put in question as it seems like a fictional tool used by the Media to put men on the back foot. In the movie, the female protagonist – Anastasia willingly follows the bizarre cravings of Christian Grey without questioning perhaps in a move to satisfy her own innate animalistic craving and biological love of male domination.

Plausible deniability
Well, if you’ve read the book and watched the movie, you’d definitely know that the author tried to tone down Anastasia’s love for raw sexuality in all of the three books by using the contract signing as a way of maintaining the fact that Anastasia’s plausible deniability. This means Anastasia could have at any given time deny knowledge of any of the things Christian Grey put her through because she was deliberately made unaware of what he intended to do in order to benefit or shield her from any responsibility which may be associated with her knowledge of his actions.

Whether you’re male or female and you have intentions of going to see the film, please do but if you never planned to, I’d advise you still go see it even as some of the scenes might be unbearable to watch. However, if you are a man you can revel in the unending sexual drive of Anastasia which perhaps lay claim to the credence that females love sex than we do. Perhaps in the dark hall of the cinema, if you listen attentively, you might hear one or two moans from the larger percentage of the female crowd which will be present. Pay attention to the females around and you can see them listening and watching with rapt attention to the way Christian Grey dominates Anastasia.

Furthermore, take heed and pay attention to the noticeable excitement exuding from the groups of women before and after the movie. Take note of how their faces lighten up, the emotions and joy that radiates from them as a result of watching their like submit to the dominance of a man. For a lot of these ladies, the movie brings to the fore their inner fantasies which they hope to live out.

Finally, it is apparent that anyone paying to buy the books or watch the movie is paying to read or watch male dominance. Anastasia’s world is one where she lives her inner dreams and fantasies which reflect the typical desires of almost every woman.



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