Hollywood Star Russell Crowe Hints At Buying English Club

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Gladiator star actor, Russell Crowe has given fans of struggling Leeds United hope as he hinted at buying the football club in an interview with BBC earlier today.

Leeds United were one of the top clubs in the late 20th century and early 21st century but the club fell on financial hard times and crumbled under poor management are currently languishing in 14th position in the championship. In February, a fan on twitter pled with Crowe to buy the club and Crowe admitted he was considering it. Crowe is a Leeds fan and in his interview with Simon Mayo on BBC, Crowe is quoted saying ‘I love the club. I want nothing but success for the club. But like many other Leeds fans – and probably in fact 99.9 per cent – I’m getting a little impatient, you know? Some of your listeners may not know that I own a rugby league team in Australia which, again, is my childhood team and they were a champion team when I was younger. Then they’d fallen in to a state of disarray and they were perennial losers. So, nine years ago, I put my cheque book where my mouth is and bought the club.’ Leeds fans would be given a lot of hope by this

Leeds would reportedly cost Russell Crowe around 70 Million pounds. Funny, an entire football club is not as expensive as Bale, Ronaldo or Suarez.

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