#Guys Only: Why She May Get Away With A False Rape Allegation Against You

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Rape has become a common occurrence in the world with with as much as 250,000 reported cases of rape and attempted rape every year according to a United Nations statistical report compiled by the governments of about 65 different countries.

However, there is a level of flaw given that certain countries only reported male to female rape and the fact that there is an increasing number of falsified rape claims being reported. This has become a serious threat to the male folk given the fact that the society tends to pass judgement on an “alleged” offender before getting to the crux of the matter.

For these reasons, we believe every man should be aware of false rape allegations and how they can do them harm while also learning the ways in which compromising situations that may lead to you being accused can be avoided.

Rape Is Subjective
Whether we like to admit it or not, rape in itself is subjective. Previously, everyone saw rape as a situation in which a man forcefully has sex with a non consenting woman but this has changed overtime. Nowadays, the meaning of rape is quite different from what we know as even a weak yes can be termed as a no. Added with the fact that feminists are making as much attempts as possible to ensure that the meaning of consent can be manipulated and open to interpretation as possible. A “No” these days could mean a woman saying “Any discomfort I feel from the previous night means I’m feeling a No.”

False rape accusations are very common
It is necessary to bear in mind that data and statistics released as regards false accusations on rape are wholly unreliable and cannot be trusted. This is mainly because rape cases have been politicized with government enacting laws protecting the accuser (mainly females) why doing nothing if the accusation is found out to be false. More so, even when it is discovered that the accusations are false, law enforcement agencies simply send both parties home with a little more than a slap on the wrist for the accuser.

Recently however, several studies are being conducted on the frequency of rape accusations that were falsely made. An analysis conducted by Rumney puts false rape claims at about 10-50% of all rape allegations made. Also, Kanin’s research using a more reliable methodology puts false claims at about 40% of the total cases reported.

No penalties for false accusers
It is quite unfortunate that people that bring up false rape claims are not punished for their wanton acts. Rape accusations have a damaging effect on a man’s reputation and when falsely found guilty may result in wrongful imprisonment of an innocent man which would have a lifetime damaging effect on him. Wrongful accusations are terrible given what effect it could have on a man’s life but it is unfortunate that there ate no penalties for women that wrongfully accuse men of rape. A good example of light punishment for false rape accusation is Leanne Black, who accused five different men of raping her. She got a light two year sentence. Also, Ashleigh Loder, was given a six month sentence for falsely accusing her boyfriend of rape. More so, the media downplayed the story by giving it a subtle headline which read “Mother-of-two wasted 100 hours of police time by inventing the assaults.” making it seem a soft crime and failing to put into consideration that an innocent man could have been unjustly sent to prison and the amount of Tax payers money wasted by the police during the investigation.

Furthermore, there are no real consequences for women who make these false claims even though the crime is no less severe as when the rape act is committed.

Take it easy with the drink as it is rape if she’s passed out
If you realise she’s drunk, kindly don’t touch her with a 10 foot long pole. If you are also pretty wasted, refrain from touching her as that could be your greatest undoing as the man is held responsible for whatever happens in such scenarios. She could wake up later and claim that despite how intoxicated she was, she never consented to the act.
Teenagers and University undergraduates are most at risk of getting drowned in the aftermath of false rape accusations as consequences are severe and they are not protected from the law arising from false accusations. As the saying goes, “The older the wiser” holds true as it is easier for me in my late twenties with the experience I’ve garnered over the years dating to avoid drunk ladies than it is for a teenage undergrad who would majorly hook up with immature and heavy drinking girls.

Finally, it is important for very discerning young man to be aware of the consequences of false rape accusations. That’s why I won’t advice any young man to date feminists. Be as careful and watchful as you can, as it is important to protect yourself from the actions of false rape accusers.



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  1. The fact is that there is no way a false accusers name will ever be divulged.As far as the police are concerned they must act on every accusation in the same manner irrespective of how many false accusations the accuser has made.

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