Go For What You Want by Babalola Idowu

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Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that seems everything is impossible.

For every ROME, there is always a builder.

You are whom you say are!!! No one can build your ROME better than you can.

Everyone wants to be successful, everyone got a dream.

Yes! Dreams come true; We have successful story-tellers all around the globe.

Life is a teacher so we learn everyday; Life Is Ladder, You Climb it Step By Step.

Have this at the back of your mind; if you want to be successful,
Don’t expect things to come easily, prepare for battles.
Give a fight, but always make sure you win each and every other round at knock-out.
The popular saying goes ” WINNERS Don’t QUIT, Quitters don’t WIN”.
Stand Up today!!! I mean today, Face your fears, Fight to triumph,
No matter the situation you find yourself at the moment, rise and say no to your defeat.
Go for what you want, roar like an hungry Lion looking for prey, feast on people who look down on you,
Prove them wrong, tear them apart.
Wake up!!! The race is not over yet, I’m sure you know Bill Gates still want to tell more success stories!!!

Think Positively, Be disciplined, Stay Humble, Be calculated;waste no time, work smart, be determined, make sacrifices, seek grace, don’t loose focus, don’t hesitate to try-out new reasonable things, surround yourself with people on the same vision, mission and goals as you are.

We are different, That is why we have names and backgrounds, everyone knows what they want.

Successful people around the world didn’t build their ROME overnight, They go real hard for what they want.

Only you know what you want, There are one million plus possibilities in every impossibilities.
Yes you can, Only You Can!!! Go and WIN!!!
GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By Babalola Idowu



King is a writer and guitarist. He is an opinionated, multi talented individual with love for music and everything it concerns


  1. Today’s been banging on my head, from crutch back home to meeting and back home to this gracious post, am blessed, truly graced up today…Thank you King A-Maz

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