Genevieve Nnaji, Toke Makinwa & More Make The Official Best Dressed List Of Celebrities At The 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards

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Last night’s awardshow was funfilled,  but we are going to discuss what had most of us all talking and refreshing our social media pages last night-the outfits-

As predicted, there were a lot of thigh slit dresses, lace, and sheer fabrics. Many put their best foot forward, but here are the top 7 best dressed celebrities  from last night.


Andrea Giaccaglia in Wana Sambo

Andrea is a well known fashion risk taker and this time unlike many other times it paid off well. This is one of the best risks she has taken, to be completely honest this is the best I have ever seen her look.

The thigh slit coupled with the sheer top of her dress and the color of her dress are the perfect match for her physique and complexion. I also like that she kept her hair simple and stuck with that shade of purple for her lipstick.

Her dress was beautiful but the way her neck-piece complemented her skin tone was simply divine. Absolutely one of my favorite looks from last night.

Andrea Giaccagalia
Andrea Giaccagalia

Eku Edewor in Clan Diaries

Eku is a certainly one of the most stylish girls on the scene right now and this dress on her equaled perfection. Eku has a habit of following a color pattern when she has events back-to-back and after I saw her outfit to the nominees cocktail, I simply assumed she would be wearing something from the nude color palette or red, then she surprised with this beautiful color.

I love the simplicity and minimalism of her outfit.

Eku Edewor
Eku Edewor

Dakore Akande in House Of Dabira

Personally, I am not a fan of bright colors especially when they are combined on an eveening gown but somehow this purple and yellow ensemble has hypnotized me. This is one of those outfits that just puts a smile on your face when you look at it, what makes it even better is the fact that the stunning Dakore Akande donned it.

I certainly think 21 year old designer of House of Dabira did a fabulous job.

Dakore Egbuson
Dakore Egbuson

Genevieve Nnaji in Elvira Jude

I absolutely knew if Genevieve was going to attend she would nail her look, so this absolutely came as no surprise to me. She looked amazing.

Whilst Genevieve might have looked flawless, and way better than other actresses I was honestly a bit underwhelmed by her choice. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying she didn’t look amazing but I expected more from her.

Genevieve Nnaji
Genevieve Nnaji

Toke Makinwa in Pastiche Couture

I honestly do not know how Toke pulled this look off, because thigh slit ball room dresses are honestly never a great fit on girls who are not tall-like model tall

So first big ups to her stylist and of course to her for pulling it off. I also love that she accessorized the right way, and that she just decided to stick with the warm theme of the dress by not making the mistake of wearing a bold lip color. This ensemble should have a bridal feel to it, but it somehow doesn’t and that seriously gladdens my heart.

Basically this was a delicate one, from hair & make-up, to accessories, styling, and carriage- Toke has an amazing team!!

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Makida Moka in Marvee

I was with a friend of mine a while ago, and after some time of staring at his phone, He blurted out “I just want to put her in a bottle and keep her in my pocket”. I laughed and asked to see who he was talking about and after realising it was a picture of Makida’s outfit from last night I totally understood why he would think that.

Makida looked so beautiful, the fitting of the dress was and is still unbelievable. Also, does she not make you just want to hit the gym?

Makida Moka
Makida Moka

Monalisa Chinda

This dress was simply stunning. Several people have complained that this was too simple but I absolutely love it. That is a really nice color… blue, purple or whatever you can

I also like that she wore her hair down with very little curls.

Monalisa Chinda
Monalisa Chinda

Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic is one of the other few actresses that never disappoints on the red carpet, I also love that she gives a sort of royalty vibe everytime.  This is one of my favorite dresses from her ever, that fabric is amazing.

Her hair & make-up also oozes perfectionMore AMVCA 2015_06__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_07__360nobs

Olamide Akintobi in Peridot

I am ordinarily never thrilled by Lamide’s  red carpet choices but boy did she bring it this time. This dress is E-VE-RY-THING a girl wants. You could get lost from just looking at it, the detailing is impeccable but somehow not too much. I absolutely love love this look.More AMVCA 2015_04__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_03__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_05__360nobs

Andrea Giaccagalia and Makida Moka were my favorites. Who was yours? Also, whom do you think should have made the list but did not?

Keep refreshing 360nobs Style.



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  1. Loved DAKORE, Eku and Kaylah, her picture is not here but she should be on that list , very simple and classy

  2. I totally think Kate Henshaw should be on the list. She rocked in her yellow dress. Her blue shoes that popped once in a while added elegance to her outfit. She was one of my favourite.

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