Floyd Has Made Manny Mad – Freddie Roach

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Manny Pacquiao is mad and that’s according to his trainer, Freddie Roach. Roach believes his star pupil is mad that Mayweather insists on controlling the pre-fight rituals.

The match slated for May 2 is set to be the biggest fight ever, between the biggest names in boxing.

“I can see it in his eyes, in his body movement, his attitude in training that he really wants to win and win decisively,” said Roach, quoted on philboxing.com, from Pacquiao’s training camp. “Sometimes, I cannot help but think he’s mad at this guy.
“I can feel when we’re doing the mitts. With the way he hits the mitts, I can see it on how he responds to the things we want him to do. The efforts he has been doing which I didn’t see in his previous similarly important fights.”

“I’ve never seen him dislike an opponent in my life, but you know what, he doesn’t like this guy. He won’t say anything bad about him, but he won’t say anything good about him either. I think Mayweather is his perfect opponent.”

“Manny’s anger could be because everything has to be his (Mayweather’s) way. He has a comfort zone, like we couldn’t say anything about the fight until he announced it. He is very very insecure.”

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