Fabregas, The Dwindling Spaniard

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It was a surprise when Barcelona decided to sell Spanish midfielder, Cesc Fabregas, last season. More surprising was when his former club, Arsenal, with which he did exploits made no move nor did they attempt to re-employ his services. Chelsea though were consistent and with Mourinho’s second coming to the club, in a bid to strengthen his team, secured the Midfielder.

The start of the season was a beautiful one for Chelsea, with former Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Costa, also with the club. The pair ran exploits and made every defence look surmountable. The pair with the help of other gifted teammates led Chelsea to their longest unbeaten run – 23 games and 102 days.

Costa went ahead to score 17 goals, a bulk of these goals assisted by none other than Cesc Fabregas himself. Fabregas has the leading assists in goals in the league with 15 assists to his name, a great feat that.

This led to witty lines like “Fabregas means assist and Costa means goal, ‘I need a fabregas to reach my costa’…, etc”

However, the premier league is coming to an end and Fabregas has not been so involved as he was in the first half of the league. You would have thought the Spaniard would be consistent all season.

But then… Barcelona said “Despite glowing starts to each campaign, Cesc’s contributions to the cause gradually decreased as each season drew to a close.”

Oh well, I guess Barcelona has the right of it. His performance against Southampton was abysmal at most, he made mistakes a professional footballer shouldn’t make. Mistakes that could have made the difference and won the game for Chelsea.

Chelsea fans expressed their discomfort at his subpar performance.

@Kiechelsea: ‘Fabregas is the worst player I’ve seen in my 42 year old experience as a Chelsea fan’.

I wouldn’t go as far as that though. However deteriorating his performance has been, Fabregas has been awesome all season and maybe he’ll pick up the slack as time goes on.

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