EMOTIONAL! Vin Diesel Pays Tribute To Paul Walker At LA Screening Of Furious 7

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“It was the hardest movie I’ve ever had to do”, Vin Diesel reveals as he gets so emotional at the premiere of Fast and Furious 7 in Los Angeles.

The whole world was left heartbroken by the disastrous loss of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in November 2013. During a recent screening of Furious 7, co-star Vin Diesel was visibly emotional as he choked on his words at the mention of his beloved friend.
Speaking at the event in Los Angeles, he said: ‘This film was a labour of love. It was in some ways it was the hardest movie I’ve ever had to do because the relationships you see on film are so real.

‘When the tragedy happened I lost my best friend, I lost my brother.’

‘Please from my heart, know that we made this movie from our hearts,’ he added. ‘And know that this is our gift to you and more importantly, it’s for my brother there.’

In the film, Vin Diesel’s character says ‘those who are lost go on in the hearts of the living’ and that was how it felt for many attending the SXSW midnight screening.

Debuting in cinemas on April 3, the next installment of the street racing franchise is Paul’s last appearance as law-enforcement officer Brian O’Connor.

Paul died when the car he was a passenger in crashed in Santa Clarita, California, in November 2013.

Paul Walker

Paul Wlaker Furious 7

He said: ‘We obviously lost a dear friend, brother, comrade when we were making this movie.

‘He was really the best guy I ever met in my world – in my life. When we decided we were going to continue this movie, we were determined to honor his legacy and our love for him forever.

‘I just want to ask one big favor of everybody. You guys are going to get to see the movie tonight without knowing what happens to Paul’s storyline. Whatever you want to say after the movie is cool, but please let future audiences see it the way you’re going to see it tonight.

Fans at SXSW clapped through the film, but some were also left in tears
Fans at SXSW clapped through the film, but some were also left in tears



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