Eku Edewor Gets Accused Of Racism Following Photoshoot

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On the latest edition of ThisDay Style magazine which featured Lynxxx and Eku Edewor, two pictures from the set have sparked a wave of criticism and controversy of Ms. Edewor and ThisDay Style.

The pictures show the fair skinned Eku Edewor in an English outfit while being accompanied by five dark skinned people in local attire carrying her goods and shielding her from the sun.

Eku EdeworEkuThe shoot ‘Young, Restless & Daring‘, depicting Eku Edewor as an affluent woman standing by the beach, with black servants behind her has brought about accusations of racism, pro-colonialism and slavery.

Eku Edewor tried to explain on Twitter that it was not depicting colonial times but modern times. She said,

But Eku’s argument doesn’t seem to hold any water as she is questioned, if they are relatives, why are they all black while she is white?

People outrightly demanded an apology instead of ‘silly explanations’ for the photoshoot.





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  1. @ Eku Edewor,life without people words are nothing. We all,hve a different racisim etc,so wat you hve to do is to check your birth of origin n family racisim.

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