David Luiz Apologises For Celebrating

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Modern day etiquette in football dictates that, players don’t celebrate against their former club after scoring, it’s not like this rule is set in stone or something, it’s basically what courtesy demands.

Yesterday though, former Chelsea defender, David Luiz threw caution to the wind when he celebrated His 86th minute goal, that ensured an extra time between his former club and his current club.

The Brazilian has apologized for his action, saying ‘sorry’. My maths teacher says everything should end with sorry, well as a Chelsea fan, your apology is not accepted.

“My cycle finished in Chelsea, PSG gave me a great opportunity to continue my career,” Luiz told Sky Sports 5. “I was very happy at Chelsea. I respect everyone.

“Tonight was good for me to score. I said I wouldn’t celebrate but my emotions I couldn’t control.

“Thank you to Chelsea and sorry I celebrated because I was so emotional.”

“It is amazing for everyone, amazing for Paris club, for Paris city,” he added. “We did a great game, we tried to win the game.

“I am happy to be in the next round but we have a long way to go to win the Champions League. We have to keep our feet on the floor.”

Image credit: BBC.co.UK/sports



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