Cynthia Uwak: “Female Footballers Are Not Lesbians”

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Former Super Falcons player Cynthia Uwak has fought against the notion that many female footballers are lesbians.

Uwak, whose glittering career included awards such as African Female Footballer of the Year, said in an interview with Tribune that guys who thought they were lesbians were simply “intimidated.”

She said:

“I love my body and I’m proud to show it off. I think it should be some sort of motivation for a lot of people to work out and live healthy. Some like it and some don’t, but in all, I am doing what I want and what makes me happy. That is all that matters.”

“I get approached by guys. For those that can’t approach sportswomen, maybe they are only intimidated. Guys approach us and those that can’t; I really don’t know what their excuse can be. I find it really surprising when people say many female footballers are lesbians.

“The question is; “who have they caught in the act? What proof do they have to come up with such conclusion? I believe everyone is always linked to one thing or the other, that’s the only way the world can go round. But saying that female footballers are lesbians is rather pathetic. You can’t just label people based on assumptions. ”




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