Controversy As South African Family Claim SCOAN Gave Them Fake Corpse

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The family of  Patricia Mkhulisi, a South African who died in the Synagogue building collapse last year, have rejected the corpse given to them by the church.

The family had argued that the body given to them was not the body of the late Patricia.

Patricia’s remains was repatriated to South African on February 5th after DNA testing in Lagos and South Africa had proven her identity.

The family is however unconvinced and plan to do an independent DNA test.

Speaking with Channels TV, the brother to Patricia, Lwandle Mkhulisi, argued that his sister had a gap tooth but that the remains of the person who was brought to them had no gap tooth.

“My sister had a gap tooth but the person that we saw there doesn’t have a gap. What made this thing really worse was that when we wanted to see whether any birthmark or scar was on her, that body doesn’t have a skin,” he said

His claim however was refuted by Dr Munro Max, owner of the Unistel Medical Laboratory in South Africa where the DNA testing was done in collaboration with the Nigerian government.

Dr Max argued that concretes that fell on the bodies of the victims must have caused altercation on their bodies.

“You must also remember that tonnes of concrete and building materials was on top of these bodies so there would have been, I suspect, compressed quite a lot and a lot of fractures would have occurred,” he said.



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  1. What kind of a journalist or blogger are you?????? unless you are a journalist/blogger from hell, because you are openly and deliberately distorting the truth. SCOAN was never involved in the issues of bodies. The Nigerian government and the south African government, was. I wonder if this what you have been taught by your master, because you know the truth very well but you chose to say otherwise. Stop misleading the nation. If you don’t have something to report you better shut up.

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