Cisse Issues Apology After Evans Spit Row

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Newcastle and Senegalese striker, Papisse Cisse, who was involved in a spitting incident with Manchester United’s defender, Johnny Evans, on Wednesday has issued an apology for his actions.

The two men clashed towards the end of the first half after Evans tackled Cisse. TV replays shows the Northern Ireland international spitting at the Newcastle striker who returned Evans’ “gift” in kind.

While Cisse insists and apologizes for reacting to something “very unpleasant”, Evans has issued a statement denying the spitting incident.

“I have apologies to make to a lot of people today. Firstly to my teammates and to our supporters, secondly to Jonny Evans, and thirdly to every football fan who saw the incident between myself and Jonny,” the Senegalese international told Newcastle’s official website.

“I reacted to something I found very unpleasant. Sometimes it is hard not to react, particularly in the heat of the moment. I have always tried hard to be positive a role model, especially for our young fans, and yesterday I let you down.”

“I hope children out there playing football for their clubs and schools this weekend will know better than to retaliate when they are angry. Perhaps when they see the problem it now causes me and my team they will be able to learn from my mistake, not copy it.”

Regardless of their statements though, both players could serve a 6-match ban if the FA decides to charge them for misconduct.





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