Chris Rock Reveals He’s Returning To Stand-Up Comedy

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Chris Rock not boycotting Oscars

Chris Rock has revealed his desire to leave the big screen and return to stand up comedy.

The comedian is currently in Australia, where he is promoting his new movie, Top Five.

Asked about his plans for after Top Five promotional duties, he told Fairfax Media, “I want to actually do stand-up, I want to get back to that. I would want to tour, I just got to get done selling this movie all over the world.”

“It lets me know who I am,” he says. “It helps me write – it’s just fun, too. When you do a movie, you just work with so many people, it’s such a machine, and when you do stand up, it’s just you and a pad writing some jokes.”

Rock began doing stand-up comedy as early as the 1980s, before moving to movies and starring in a couple of blockbusters like Grown Ups and Madagascar.



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