Choc Boys May Be Reuniting Soon. Audu Maikori Speaks

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Chocolate City had a rough time in 2013 when it two of its best artists, Jesse Jagz and Brymo upped and quit. But now as the label is about to celebrate its tenth year in the music industry, President of Choc City, Audu Maikori hints at a possible reunion.

According to NET, Audu was asked in a recent interview if a re-union is in possible and he said: ‘Break ups and estrangements in this industry is nothing new and what is important is the essence of what brought us together which is music and as long as it is music, there would always be that togetherness. Let’s wait, there may be a few surprises very soon.

Those surprises are rumoured to come in form of a compilation album from all the Chocolate City artists, past and present and/or performances. However, we wait to hear more.




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