CELEBRITY COUPLES Forced Down Our Throat That We Are Not Buying/ Never Bought

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It’s very fun and beautiful to see couples step on the red carpets at event shows and what have you especially when they happen to be celebrities.

In the facet of the Nigerian Entertainment, certain celebrity relationships have been announced, directly or indirectly, and it appeared (as in the past) or appears (as we have now) that they force these relationships down our throats and it just doesn’t work. We just can’t swallow it.

I was on the AMVCA red carpet as I saw how Praiz  Adejo and Tonye Garrick paraded themselves on the red carpet hand in hand and i began to wonder when they started dating. I would love to think that it’s a particular stylist that styled the both of them, hence, they had to be together on the red carpet.( If you get what I mean).


Both musicians, they are doing well for themselves in their respective genres they specialised in but if this is a trick buying us into believing they are a couple, I’d like to pass on this one.

Before I move on to the next believe-they-are-a-couple, I’d just love to say that, before you get into a relationship with anyone, you’d do certain things which are teasers into making the world believe you actually are an item with the person in question.

I am no relationship expert, but you’d easily read the lines that certain relationships/ red carpet couple appearance is just a sham, exquisitely planned. That leads us to the fine boy, model and actor Alex Ekubo as well as musician Yemi Alade.

Yemi Alade and Alex Ekubo


Prior to their incessant red carpet appearance together, Yemi released the song ” Johnny” which cemented her place as a female power musician in Nigeria. And I’d love to remind us all that the video to the song featured Alex Ekubo as the Johnny. Ever since the airing of that video and the craze that came from it, “Johnny” Alex Ekubo and Yemi Alade had become an item.

They stepped out together in every event hand in hand like they were seeing each other. I never seemed to understand what was going on and I was just questioning myself. Even in one of Yemi’s live performances, Alex was out doing very erotic moves with her as seen in the pictures below.

Alex Ekubo Yemi Alade

Alex Ekubo and Yemi Alade

Well, we almost bought this and again, we never bought it.

Moving onto Uti Nwachukwu and Saeon. These ones know how to play the love game. They stepped out together almost everywhere. From DJ Jimmy Jatt’s anniversary to Florence Ita Giwa’s party and what have you, we saw them together. If not taking selfies, they held each other close and show some level of PDA. Let me help your memory, Saeon is that lady that had issues with Wizkid sometimes ago as a result of the collabo issue or whatever they had going on for them then.



Not like I was waiting for a breakup between the pair, but i just wanted to know where the publicity stunt was gonna take them to. Knowing fully well that Uti is a playboy good boy. The news broke about their breakup in September, 2014.

Some call him Eja Nla, others call him Mensah and now everyone calls him Banga Lee. Mind you, these names I have called him are what he calls himself. D’banj was recently in the news that he was in a relationship with South African Media queen Bonang Matheba. Reports so real, I was beginning to thank God that D’banj was gonna finally settle down.


He’d finally channel his all-over-the-place energy into raising a family with someone beautiful rather than releasing music that is of no melodious interest to our ears. I was glad that at least if he is gonna be losing it with his music, which I believe he already has, at least he can gain in a relationship.


D'banj and Bonang

In one of the many pictures that flooded the internet, D’banj was seen kissing Bonang, although not a french kiss(sic), eyebrows were still raised as to what kind of relationship brewing between the two. Well, it wasn’t long before Bonang came speaking on a TV show Matheba saying her relationship with D’Banj is strictly on a platonic level. According to her, ‘D’Banj and I are good friends. I mean we’ve known each other for about 4 years now.

According to her, ‘D’Banj and I are good friends. I mean we’ve known each other for about 4 years now. So unless you hear it from me or him there’s nothing there, nothing to celebrate.’… Well, we thought as much.

To wrap up this list is still D’banj and that relationship with Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji. Eh, they just got us wildly excited and amazement. I mean, as at the time these stories made wave, the alleged couple was the rave of the moment in their respective fields.


While D’banj was doing splendidly in his music, Gene ( Like she is called) was having a swell time as an A-list Nollywood actress. D’banj featured Genevieve in the music video “Fall in Love” and in it, they shared a kiss. Reports had it that Gene was paid N2 Million for that appearance.


The butterflies in the belly of everyone rumbled as we thought they were a perfect match. Along the line, we stopped hearing stuffs about their ” being an item”. Later on, pictures surfaced again as the rumor re-ignited once more, spreading all over the place.




Moments after these, D’banj in an interview with Vanguard Newspaper,there he set the record straight. ‘Honestly, I’m not dating Genevieve. Let me clear the air now’ he said. When asked whether he ever had a crush on her, he replied, ‘I never did’….

We all know D’banj. He is a player and it’s not new. Even in the lyrics of his songs, he sings the praises of certain ladies and saying how much he loves them or wants to be with them. We shouldn’t take him serious.


With all of these said, which of the relationships will you endorse or would you have loved was real? Feel free to use the comments section.

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