Borrow Borrow Make Me Shine: DJ Khaled Sued By Jeweller For Not Paying Up

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DJ Khaled has been sued by a NY jeweler who says the rapper ordered a ton of blings from him and has refused to pay for them. He says Khaled owes him over $100,000.

According to TMZ, in papers filed in court, the jeweler said Khaled got 2 Rolex watches, a custom-made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings & a 4carat diamond ring from Rafaello & Company in 2012.

The company, R&C says it had a written agreement with Khaled that gave him 15 days to check out any jewelry the company sent him. The deal was if Khaled liked the goods, he pays for them or he returns the items.

But in the lawsuit, R&C says Khaled did neither — keeping the watches, chain, earrings and ring and never paying a dime for them when he was billed.



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