Boko Haram Battles Nigerian Troops Using Snakes (Photo)

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Emerging report has it that due to the obviously encouraging victory that the Nigerian Army has recorded in few days over Boko Haram, the insurgent group have finally decided to develop a new contrivance to attack.

massive snake Naij

Naij publication revealed that during an alleged counter attack against the Insurgents in Bama, the Nigerian troops were faced with not just humans but snakes.

Some Boko Haram members were said to have set out big snakes in order to overpower the Military men who were also ready for a showdown.

However, this made the Military men not only faced with the challenges of littered land mines by the insurgents but also faced with the issue of fighter snakes intentionally put out to frustrate the efforts of the military and probably getting rid of our ever-ready military officers.

Luckily, these snakes were said to be killed and here is a supposed picture of a massive one killed during the mop up operation.



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