Best Sex Positions For Plus-Sized Ladies

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Being plus sized has hindered many ladies from enjoying sex as they want to. They usually stick with a particular sex style; often the missionary style while having sex especially with a partner “smaller” than them. Many women on the big side report that they  don’t always enjoy sex with men on the slimmer side because they feel embarassed and self conscious during the act. They may also worry about how their size may be in the way of going versatile in bed, like trying other sex positions like the cowgirl, cowgirl reverse, doggie etc; they often their weight could crush the guy or their volumptuos ass would get in the way of penetration which is often a misconception. No matter how heavy you look or feel, you can have the memorable, mind blowing sex you so desire with the following tips:


#1. Get comfortable with yourself: most big women often feel so insecure about being naked with another person, no matter how often they’ve been told how beautiful or how awesome their body is and so, this may cause them to contort their body in a particular way on the bed as if they would somehow appear slimmer, cover their body with duvet or refuse to do positions that would make them look fatter. All those things may make you feel more at ease but it may also suck the fun out of the sex. The process becomes tedious, makes you feel at ease but definitely not any sexier or desirable and it may put your partner off more than you think. To enjoy sex, you have to understand that you are sexy as you are and although it may be hard to believe, your partners actually have sex with you because of the way your body looks and not out of pity; a lot of men love them big. So, love your body and embrace the sexiness it oozes.


#2. Setting The Mood Right: now that you’ve embraced your sexiness, you just have to always have the right sexual environment. Get firm pilliows; good firm pillows should be every big girl’s paddy during sex. Get water-based lubricants and a nice springy surface to do it on; surfaces (beds) that will have you bouncing back up rather than sinking in. Once you do all these, you are on your way to having a wonderful sexperience with your partner. All you need now is to try out those sex positions you are afraid to try. These are some of the best sex positions for plus-sized beauties:


The Missionary Style: this is one of the most laid back sex positions and could be of the funnest way to have sex. It is as simple as just lying on your back with your partner on top, yet, it can be a challenge depending on the difference between you and your partner especially for women with bulging tummies and really thick thighs. However, this doesn’t stop you from having the best missionary sex of your life. Get your firm pillows out and put them under the small of your back or right under your butt. Draw your knees up and pull your thighs towards your chest. This opens up your vagina for deep penetration and gives your partner room for optimal thrusting since your thighs and tummy are out of the way.

You can stimulate yourself by putting up a show he might enjoy or reach around to fondle his testis. Maintaining eye contact with your partner also intensifies the sexperience.  

 Cowgirl/Cowgirl Reverse: when you’re on top, it gives you even more room for deeper penetration and never ever think you’re going to crush your partner or suffocate them; you just have to know how to make it really work. Put a pillow under your partner’s butt to elevate him higher and that makes him easier to get down on “it”. As you go up and down, evenly distribute your weight by planting your hands firmly on the bed instead of sitting straight up; it gives you lots of control. And when you get tired while humping him (this happens even with slimmer women so don’t be afraid), let your partner hold you still and then do the thrusting from below which can help you maximise your time on top. You can also ask him to sit at the end of the bed, near the bedhead . This will allow you hold on to the bedhead for support. Straddle him and this way, you can both be able to support your weight. Once you get really comfortable and figure out how easy it is to be on top; you can use ther momentum and sheer force of your big ass to thrust down on your partner, you will always want to be on top.

The “Doggie” Style: the doggie style is one the best sex positions for big people as the tummy is out of the way and it gives the partner enough room to work with but if you have really big ass, you may have a bit of challenge with this style. Rather than be on all fours, place your head lower than your ass or place a pillow under your belly. This ways pushes your butt up, opens your vagina and creates more room for deeper penetration. It is also super comfortable.

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