Best Of The Best: Robert Mugabe Claims His VP Hired Nigerian Babalawos To Kill Him

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Zimabwe president Robert Mugabe has claimed that his former vice-president, Ms Joyce Mujuru, along with other officials, had plotted to kill him.

Mugabe, who made the claim at his 91st birthday party, said Mujuru had even employed 2 Nigerian witchdoctors, known locally as ‘Babalawos’ to help with her plot.

“We managed to know what (Ms) Mujuru was doing at her house, even consulting witchdoctors,” he claimed.

“Recently she invited two Nigerian witchdoctors. We heard that they were specialists in the field of witchcraft. They were specialists, yes, but specialists in robbing people, foolish people.”

“Where do these Nigerians get the powers to entrap the soul of a human being into a chicken or sheep and then kill him?

“God is for us all. I also go to church, I do not believe in superstition. We were taught God’s teachings.”



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