Before And After: How Women Deceive With Makeup

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Gone are the days when walking about with shabbily done makeup was allowed. Thanks to various professional makeup artists releasing video tutorials daily on basic steps of how to do the proper makeup; from the eyebrow to applying foundation to wearing your lipsticks perfectly, you can have a perfect facebeat done by yourself in the comfort of your home and as we all the know, the advantages of having a properly done makeup can never be over emphasized. A good makeover enhances the beauty and not the other way round. It makes the face appear younger, fresher, slimmer; simply more chic.


Well applied makeup makes one look more beautiful; I will like to think it brings out the more feminine side of a lady, making them even more attractive. Not that the natural face is ugly or makes a woman socially unacceptable; there are still tons of women who don’t know how to use a makeup kit and would rather not. 

Makeup intensifies the natural beauty of a woman. It helps to cover the facial blemishes like pimples, blackheads, injuries, scars and so on. With the right concealer, foundation and all, you can even cover up very deep tribal marks. One professional MUA defined makeup as the cheaper way of making your face look better without resulting to a plastic surgery, it may be temporary but works like “magic”.makeup1


Although makeup is very good as it has helped some women regain their lost confidence caused by some skin problems and accidents, some people especially men are finding the transformation caused by the beauty products very deceitful. The comparison between the “before” and “after” image of a person who just had her face beat often leave people speechless and stunned. They often doubt the beautifully made up girl was the girl with blemishes and maybe tribal marks. The complete transformation has made so many people believe makeup is indeed a lie and question the “authenticity” of every girl’s beauty.      


Once, in an argument with one of my male friends, he described the use of makeup as a new way girls get what they want with what they don’t have (good, rich, handsome boyfriends). When I pointed out that many women who use makeup do it for themselves and not for the attention, he said maybe it was the truth that they did it to feel awesome about themselves but there would be a little part of them that really wants to get noticed and turn heads. Not that he saw anything bad in wanting to look good but the constant excessive use of makeup is a big turn off for him (and it is for many men) as it may leave him really disappointed when she finally decides to show her “real self”.  



To some ladies, there is absolutely nothing like “too much makeup”; if it makes them feel/look good, they would go for it and some men feel it is cheating. They compare the use of makeup with pretending to be someone you’re not, lying to be perfect or hiding the real you behind gimmicks. No matter how much people have complained about girls going subtle when applying beauty products on their face, the “deceitful makeup” is becoming a more acceptable trend in our time. It has become the case of “if you can’t beat them, join them” as more pictures of makeup enhanced beautiful faces are everywhere on our social media timelines, walls and so on and more girls are found embracing the artificial temporary beauty than their permanent God-given one.



However rampant the makeup trend has become, it has called people to ditch using beauty as a yardstick to measure a girl’s worth especially for a relationship. Guys are now found more interested in the brains and character. After all, if ugliness and blemishes can be hidden with the right makeup products, there’s nothing that can mask a shallow brain and a terrible character. And what will it profit a girl to get a man’s attention by her makeup beauty and lose him due to lack of character and the ability to think deep?


 There’s a beauty that runs deeper than what contouring and highlighting can give you, the beauty that comes from being well mannered, thinking deep and creative; more girls should embrace that. Unlike artificial beauty that lasts for hours, this one lasts forever.



Alice Temitope Dako

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