Beauty Tips With Dunni: Hair & Beauty Report From The 2015 AMVCA’s

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I am sure that many of you are tired of reading about the AMVCA’s but I am almost certain this would be one of the last articles on it, besides you shouldn’t whine about this article because this one is looking at it from a different angle.

We are basically going to discuss the beauty trends from the red carpet at the AMVCA’s


I am glad there were no major make-up faux pas this year, females minimized the contouring and highlighting and every one seemed to have the right shade of powder on.

For eye-shadows, bronzes, browns, and golds were opted for by many.

I honestly thought purple, red or oxblood would be the major lip trend.

I was not at the event but I have looked through every single picture about four times and I can guarantee you that only a small number of females had on any of those lipsticks altogether . Every one seemed to opt for other colors especially fuschia pink, light pink, dark pink and nude.

Stephanie Coker
Stephanie Coker
Folu Storms
Folu Storms
Fade Ogunro
Fade Ogunro
Andrea Giaccaglia
Andrea Giaccaglia


To achieve the fuschia pink lip color, you can use the following lipsticks: MAC’s Candy Yum Yum, House Of Tara’s Kontagora, NYX Black Label Hot Pink, Anastasia Beverly Hill’s liquid lipstick in Party Pink

To achieve the light pink lip color: MAC’s Please Me, House of Tara’s Inyanga

To achieve the dark pink lip color: MAC’s Girl About Town, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Carina , House of Tara’s Onitsha

To achieve the nude lip color: This is a little dicey, because the nudes I am familiar with are brown-nudes e.g MAC’s velvet teddy, MAC’s Mocha & MAC’s Taupe. I am not a fan of  clear-nude lipsticks but you can simply walk into any store and ask for clear lip gloss or apply a very small portion of any of the light pink lipsticks listed above .


Moving on to hair, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if people would extend the grey hair craze to the red carpet also blonde isn’t apparently all that cool anymore so I was honestly clueless.

But then, arrived the thousand and one pictures in my mailbox and I figured it out. The Side Sweep!!!

When I realized it I just kept screaming Oh-My-God. Why I did that I do not know…lol

About fourty-five percent of females at the 2015 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards had the side sweep on and they all pulled it off beautifully. I think the weirdest part was that most of them had it on in black.

Toke Makinwa (The Side Sweep & a Nude Lip)
Toke Makinwa (The Side Sweep & a Nude Lip)
Genevieve Nnaji(The Side Sweep & A light Pink Lip)
Genevieve Nnaji(The Side Sweep & A light Pink Lip)
Lamide Akintobi(The Side Sweep &
Lamide Akintobi(The Side Sweep & Fuschia Pink Lips)
Dakore Akande(The Side Sweep &
Dakore Akande(The Side Sweep & Light Pink Lips)
Joke Silva
Joke Silva(The Side Sweep)
Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic(The Side Sweep & Light Pink Lips)
Makida Moka
Makida Moka(The Side Sweep & Fuschia Pink Lips)
Andrea Giaccaglia
Andrea Giaccaglia(The Side Sweep & Dark Pink Lips)
Side Sweep & A Nude Lip
Side Sweep & A Light Pink Lip

What are your thoughts? Are there any other trends I missed out on? Kindly share your views via the comment section.

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