Beautiful Woman With A FULL BEARD Than That Of Most Men Embraces Her Facial Hair! [Must See]

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When you hear of #Beardgang, what comes to your head? Exactly, we never thought to hear of a #beardedlady.

Harnaam Kaur is her name and she has a medical condition known as polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth all over her body.

Bearded lady Harnaam Kaur

She has been the victim of cruel bullying since the age of 11, which became so bad she started self-harming and at one point tried to take her own life. 24-year-old Harnaam has since embraced her body hair sporting a full beard and letting nature take its course.

Courtesy Ruckas Pictures
Courtesy: Ruckas Pictures

After appearing on This Morning a year ago to share her experiences, she returned to promote her new film, Labels.

Made by charity Fixers, Kaur said the aim of the film is to ‘prevent bullying and to show people the effects of bullying on young people’. She said: ‘The reaction has been amazing, so many people have found it powerful. Adults have shown it to their children, parents tell me their children cried watching it.’ Her brother stars in the video as the bully, but Harnaam said that in reality he has been her ‘backbone’.

Harnaam Kaur used to shave the beards so much she bled
She used to shave the beards so much she bled

She went on: ‘It’s taken a lot of strength to walk out in public as a bearded woman and to daily push back nastiness, but I love myself for who I am.

Harnaam hopes her new film Labels will help victims of bullying (Picture: ITV)
Harnaam hopes her new film Labels will help victims of bullying (Picture: ITV)

‘Once you do that and accept who you are then the harshness doesn’t matter because you’re content. ‘Obviously going through school I went through an immense amount of bullying. It takes a lot of strength to decide to kill yourself, until one day I thought the energy I put towards suicide I wanted to turn into a positive energy.

You should watch her film below.

‘The beard obviously wants to be there so I might as well just keep it!

‘As a woman, I stand for what I am. I don’t think women need to look a certain way to be labelled as a woman.’

Bearded lady Harnaam kaur

And she had some sound advice for those who can relate to her story.

‘Don’t hide it. Learn to accept your body for the way it’s formed. The strength has to come from the inside.’


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