BEACH BODY! David Beckham Shows Off Rock Hard Abs And Full Body Tattoos [PHOTOS]

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And as the sunny days begin, what other ways to show off your body than stripping to your boxers and roosting in the beach sun.

Not only does David Beckham happen to be one of the hunkiest men in the world, his wife, Victoria, is one helluva lucky woman.

And on Tuesday in Miami, David Beckham, reinstated that point as he gave onlookers a treat by leaning over his balcony wearing nothing but a pair of red shorts and a T-shirt on his head.

Now retired a footballer, David displayed his extensive tattoo collection and extremely impressive abs as he leaned over the railing to look out on the action below.

If his physique is anything to go by, one can tell that David clearly hasn’t stopped working hard although retired.

With the bushy beard and scarf over his head, he still gets to draw some attention, Innit?






Images— MailOnline

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