A Rejoinder To Joy Bewaji: Sex And Sensual Themes Have Always Been A Core Of Dbanj’s Music

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It was quite the funny read as I skimmed through Joy Isi Bewaji’s Open Letter to D’banj the other day. You guys are just completely mean, as in to expect so much still from Dbanj after all these years is just proper mean. Joy though, such great writing with so much hilarity and facts aptly woven in between. Crazy!



It’s no secret who Dbanj is today, how much he is great financially and in terms of renown. It’s also no secret that he is musically destitute without Don Jazzy. It comes not as a surprise. In fact, the surprise is in our constant bickering still, and our expecting a miracle from Banga Lee’s music. A miracle without some well-calculated, carefully-crafted lyricism and production? Never gonna happen. Ever!



You look at how successful Dapo Oyebanjo is today and then realize that if money (alone) could buy hit songs, he would ensconce in the charts forever. But no, it takes more than that.



Dbanj New
Dbanj at a performance.




It actually takes more than the money or Davido would be the biggest Artist out of Nigeria today, given his background. David’s might not be the story of the most talent and music ingenuity; but you see the raw, unbridled hardwork and drive in the lad. You see that his youth and zest is a plus. You see that he is on cross-country collaborations, in spite of all. These are some of the elements that make up his acclaim today. Yet, you listen and see some bland, off-the-road songs from the young man; because in truth, no talent is infallible.



Even Tuface has made some piss-poor records that we won’t discuss here, nor will we soften his otherwise successful oeuvre as a result of. Every artiste; home, abroad or out-of-earth, has at some point hit the patchy road, a path wherein all they could manage was a bizarre composition compared to their erstwhile materials.



Back to subject. Dbanj is a star, he is massive awards and otherwise. These are facts we won’t dare downplay. But what comes as a surprise is how his infamies on stage with the females have given cause for debates. At Felabration or so, he was literally performing a ‘sex scene’ on stage, either for lack of a recent hit material to play or in a bid to outdo Burna Boy and the Afro beat legend in the stage ‘show of sexiness’. It must be recalled that Burna performed in ONLY white undies a few years ago at Felabration.



Dbanj Felabration
Dbanj at the Felabration, in one of his infamous stage shows.


Same Dbanj Felabration 'performance'.
Same Dbanj Felabration ‘performance’.



In truth, reading those lines from Joy was beyond funny. They still are.

“I thought we had passed this phase of Dbanj’s career? Sizing up his phallus, suggesting sexual machismo, endorsing chauvinism and being a general nuisance?

For all of his self-proclaimed virtues, we now know Dbanj is incapable of making another hit song. It’s like losing your wife and realising all those years of “great sex” was untrue, because the minute she left and you hooked up with another woman, she tells you- without the advantage of love- that your skills are lame.”



I struggled for breath when she went; “Let it go, KOKO master. That thing, unfortunately, is limp.”



I laughed so bad I started to wonder what she meant, the music or the anaconda? Never mind.



She is spot on when she says “Dbanj has struggled. Oh dear! Every song- and you can see that he lost sleep, sweated blood, outdone himself…” all in a bid to enlarge his music palette, to render more colorful variants of his drums-harmonica-synths Afro Pop. But we are more confused with her sharing her thoughts on his sexual machismo, as though he has ever been any different.



Dbanj Lewd
Dbanj on stage, playing a mini ‘sex scene’ when he should be entertaining.




Dbanj has always been about the braggadocio and his ‘can-do’ identity is interesting to watch, even though a little overdone here and there. From his sex drive to his monies and his artistry, Mr. Lee has been that one guy hardly any artiste can match from here, judging from all he says. This is why he hit us with talks of how he bankrolled the defunct Mo’Hits, bought members of the label choice automobiles and whatnot and we actually took his word for it until The Net reported his insolvency last November.



Dbanj is not about to leave our views yet. No. He is a major brand; he just isn’t finding the right niche to explore yet. He should. And for the records, nothing about the man and his overblown sexual proclivities on and off stage should wow the world. Nothing. I mean, when a man launches his career with the catchy, lewd “Tongolo”, remixes it, then “Suddenly” tells you he is “Mr. Endowed”, what more do you expect?



An artiste whose oeuvre swings along to sexual innuendos on many occasions, talk about how he sees himself as an “Oliver Twist”, and how he has the ultimate “Anaconda” and bla bla shouldn’t get tongues wagging when he hits the stage in a brazen show of raunchiness and unseemly whatchamacallit as in the image below. No, it shouldn’t get us to raise any eyebrows, because Dbanj is a master of this art.



Dbanj at a recent performance. He busies himself with fascinating women than he actually sings.



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