7 Maniac Reasons Why Many Relationships Flop

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Although, relationships exist in various forms and degree of closeness, however, relationships are different because of the unique combination of the individual characteristics of the couples involved.

Tribune publication has it that you cannot therefore judge all relationships by the same rules.

However, there are basic principles that form the foundation of successful relationships. If they don’t exist, the relationship may not work.


Below are affairs that lack the rudimentary condiment of successful relationships, if you are involved in any of these, you’re doing it all wrong.

1. Sex-Maniacs

This is the most common kind of relationship that young people engage in. While sex is a powerful force, it is usually not enough to make a relationship work, even for married people. This kind of relationship is driven by lust and the tendency to judge a partner by his/her sexual ability. Thus, when it comes to other aspects of the union, the partners may find themselves hardly compatible, which may lead to a failure of the relationship.

2. Lust-Maniacs

In a relationship driven strictly by lustful fantasy, everyday is filled with illusory romance. This kind of relationship is unrealistic, because life is full of ups and down. There are challenges in life, problems to solve, difficult knots to unravel. Lust-driven relationships always end as soon as the realities of life begin to hit hard at it, because the relationship is not driven by love. Romance should be balanced with genuine love for the relationship to work.

3. Lie-Maniacs

In this kind of relationship, almost every aspect is built on the lies told by one or both parties. Lies have been told about their past, career, families and their future. The problem with lies is that you keep creating new lies to cover the former lies. Deception is the order of the day in such relationship. Truth should be the foundation of relationships.

4. Money-Maniacs

It is natural to ensure that you are with a man that can be a good provider and protector. When the size of the man’s wallet becomes the only reason that the relationship exits, it becomes a money-driven relationship. In this kind of the relationship, money determines how you respond or feel.

5. Guilt-Maniacs

In this kind of relationship, you feel sorry for the partner. Maybe he/she is going through some difficult crisis in life; you feel if you stay in there with him/her, you will help overcome the problems. A guilt-driven relationship is challenging because when the partner recovers from the challenge, there is the sudden realisation that the relationship will no longer work.

6. Fear-Maniacs

Some individuals enter and stay in a relationship because of different kinds of fears. The most prevalent are fears of rejection and the fear of never getting married. People sometimes enter into relationships and fight to keep it alive in spite of the abuses and pains that may be suffered. To move ahead in life, one must deal with fear and become more confident in relationship and career.

7. Class-Maniacs

In a class driven relationship, the partners are drawn together because of their family businesses, political, financial or social ties. The couples are groomed to believe that they can only marry within a particular social class of people, irrespective of whether they are in love or not, and sometimes, ultimately ends up in failure. Love is a very important ingredient of positive and lasting relationships.

It is a tenet of contemporary psychology that an individual emotional strength is not espouse to the reality of such kind of maniacal relationships.

Source: TribuneNg



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