6 Problems Only Girls With Big Butt Face

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Having a big butt comes with a lot of booty celebration. Everyone appreciates you and some men even believe unless you have some extra meat in your booty you are less of a woman.

But sometimes having a big bum with so many compliments falling in from all around you cannot erase the inevitable problems that come with the perks.

There are a thousand and one problems that come with having a big bum and we have put together 6 of those burdens only girls with big booties can relate to.

Difficulty Fitting Into A Pair Of Jeans


You spend the better part of your day trying to fit into a nice pair of jeans but it’s not just working out. It’s either it can’t go over your butt or it ends up sitting between your butt and your waistline.


You Experience Seating Troubles

butt spilage

This is specifically a Nigeria thing. If you don’t have a car and hope to hop on one of those commercial vehicles then you can relate to this. You take up more than your fair share on a seat and leave every other person stranded.


All Skirts & Dresses Are To Short In The Back


You buy a corporate pencil skirt or dress but it ends up a mess as the back becomes too short for comfort. For the ladies with the big butt, sewing a high-low skirt or dress might be the best solution to this problem.


People Assume You Can Move Your Booty

twerk butt

No one ever wants to believe you can’t shake your booty. They expect you have got made moves to go with your booty without considering the fact that your butt has it’s gravitational pull. Everyone wants to see you twerk even when you really can’t.


You Can’t Find The Perfect Underwear/ Bikini


Finding the perfect underwear can be such an hassle for girls with big butts. You either end up with thongs which constantly gives you wedgie or those frumpy granny panties.


Guys Are Always Cat-Calling When You Walk Pass


Cat-calling should be made a  criminal offence. If you have a big booty then you can relate to why it should. Girls with big butts cannot walk freely pass the street without one or two guys catcalling them and this can be a little bit embarrassing.


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