40% Of Men Are Not The Fathers Of Their First Child – Lagos DNA Expert

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Dr Oyinwola Oni, a Lagos based DNA expert says that 40% of men do not know that they are not the biological fathers of their first child. Dr Oni said this while sharing his experience on how a former girlfriend wanted to force a set of twins on him. Read what he told City People below;

“How I got into doing DNA is an interesting story which all man should learn from. I lost my wife about 6 years ago. About that time there was a lady I have known for  long in Nigeria but who now lives in the UK. I now said I will be in Germany on so,so date , can you come and see me? She came in November and we were together for four days. She left. I left. I got back home. I lost my wife four weeks after that. Then she became pregnant. She didn’t tell me. She waited for a year. After a year, she said she just wanted me to know what she did in Germany, that she now has twins for me-a boy and a girl. I said now that I can’t say anything. I am bereaved. Give me time. How do you want my in-laws to react. Do you know at the 1st year birthday, I was in London with a friend. We did one year birthday for the kids. They were pulling trolleys around with the baby. After 2 years I bought her a car. After 4 years of loosing my wife, I now said let us now review the situation and see whether we can marry. As God will have it, I knew in my mind that I will do DNA before I marry her. Infact, we were even getting a room ready for her in my house. The carpenter was working. She was in the UK dictating what she wanted. I traveled to the UK. I carried her mother. Before I left, I told my brother this is what is happening. I am going to carry this woman to have a DNA test to check if these children were mine. I will now ask them to come for the Ileya festival. We got there she was happy. I took her sample, took the children’s sample. We submitted the sample at the DNA center. We went to Italy together. We went for dinner together. Then I came back. When she was going home one night, I said let me check my mail. I did. The result of the DNA had come. I was not the father of the twins. Haa! I failed with 0%. If not for the medical lab scientist, those children will be in my house now, with me thinking they are my children. I can tell you this happens to so many men. Do you know that 40 percent of most of the 1st born don’t belong to their so called biological fathers, all over the world. Reason? Most of there ladies often have one or two boyfriends”he said

Asked why the woman decided to con him into believing he fathered the children, he said
“I told her, lady from the result, I am not the father of your kids but I will help you. I explained to her, we met in November, you gave birth in August, perfect. That is the time. You can’t force that on any clinical person. Any pregnancy month minus 3 will give to the AAA. We got 9(Day 9). I asked her a few questions. So how come? She was to confess to me that because I said she should take the next available flight from Heathrow to Cologne, the first flight was 6pm and where she was, was very far. She had to stay with a male friend that was living close to Heathrow and that was her day 10. She said one thing led to another and she had sex with the guy. She came to meet me on the 11th and she ovulated around that period. She didn’t know. Atimes women know, atimes they don’t. A woman ovulates only one day in a month and it last for about 10 hours. And sperm can stay in a woman for 48 hours. So a lady can have 2 to 3 types of sperm in her system and when she now ovulates, any sperm that is fertilised can immediately hit that egg. That was what happened to her. So, the sex she had on the 9th of that month, the sperm was still there till 11th when she now ovulated. Before we met on the evening of the 11th, the egg had been fertilised. There are so many homes where they have this kind of problems”
Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. Shame on both of you!!!! Plus your stats that 40% of first born do not belong to their ‘fathers’ is flawed, where did you get the stats from? How many people do undergo DNA test for you to know who exactly is their dad? You should ashamed of posting this nonsense after what you did to your late wife. What will her children (assuming she had some with you) or her immediate family feel? You are a reckless individual, I feel so sorry for women that feel it is alright to be with men like you. Such a huge shame.

    1. This guy is a loser. Story for the gods. Reckless living and exaggeration of the highest order. Tell your children your story

  2. Look who is talking – Dr Oni or whatever his name is. In my humble opinion I think you’ve NOT portrayed yourself as a good role model to our young Nigerian men.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for the fact that your wife was alive when you went to Germany to hook up with your ‘Buffet’ or ‘All you can eat’ girlfriend engaging in receiptless transaction sessions for 4days? May the soul of your late wife RIP. If I were her spirit, knowing what transpired between you and your Call Girl now, trust me, both of you will be sorry for the gloomy days you were born because I will not rest in peace till I am through with the two you. I wonder what the hell she went through before giving up the ghost.
    Dr Oni, I am highly disappointed in you that it took you years before requesting for a DNA. That should have been the first thing to come out of your mouth in this situation knowing full well that you were dealing with a KO MOKO / PUBLIC TOILET.
    Please re-visit your interview and you will see how you’ve painted yourself as a selfish manipulator to your in-laws and the entire world as YOU were in full control of this messy situation.
    I have one suggestion for you and your likes – you may up your percentile to 99% for your unreasonable stats.

  3. U know at times true is always bitter, wht as happened as happen u don’t need start causing or pointing accuse finger 2d man, like wht one of my brother said leave story 2 d god

  4. I don’t why some of dis comment are harsh and very insulting d man is only trying 2 let us knw dat tins happened and some time is not d faulty of a woman or man. Dat we should all be careful and be faithful with ur partner. I tink dat is wat d man is trying 2 say and by narrating his own personal experience. So why are people abusing and judging him. Who among u is not a sinner. Pls less be mature is responding 2 issue and we should nerve personalise issues which are not directly ours. May God continue 2 help us in dis our sinful world.

  5. You better repent shameless doctor. Almighty Alah has created a special place for you and your likes in the hell. The odour that will be oozed from you and your private part in the hell will send away people from Germany from Nigeria. Useless man

  6. The only reason I read this crap was hoping to see some stats derived from specimen research accredited to some institution or individual. You just don’t come up with ideas from your personal life, derive misleading stats from it and post them on the internet. Give me back my one minute of reading this horse shit!

  7. Whether you like it or not,this man just spoke the truth.he might be flawed by having extra marital affairs.it is even more than the 40%he is saying. If all families insist on doing DNA today to confirm paternity, homes are going to break into pieces,like he said some women knew while some did not know.we have heard and seen lot of these issues.
    Have heard of a man who had four kids and three out of the four kids are not his own and the most painful thing in this is that the mans best friend is the true father of those three kids….so what do we say to that?
    Some women are desperate that they keep jumping around and end up getting pregnant and end up pushing it to the main guy,some did it intentionally while some can’t say who the real father was.
    So we should pray that may we not be a victim of this to understand the mans plight.

  8. Truth is, there are many sides to this issue. The doctor is wrong in having extra marital affair. Before crucifying him, let’s look at ourselves. Stop hurling stones at the man. Do you know if he has repented and made a turnaround since then? The stat the doctor gave was probably from his own practice and maybe what he had seen from fellow colleagues in the same practice. While it may not correct, it is not far from the truth. It tells how widespread unfaithfulness and sexual practices are.

  9. The truth is extremely bitter. Why are we pretending and hiding behind the needle? I am sure the percentage is higher than 40 due to the prevalence of adultery and other forms of immorality in the world.

  10. All those criticizing d man I guess ur all saints n I hope ur all still sleeping with d same person who disvirgin u yrs ago. DNA 4 life

  11. This man came out and made his public. How many of us can do this? Unfortunately, he could be so correct! Take a mere look at the first born in your family and around you to proof him wrong o! The truth is so bitter!

  12. Hmmm , it’s definately more than 40 percent. Even the uk denied the emergence of a company to sell DIY DNA kit. Why? Bcos they know 60 to 70 percent of the children will be discovered to have paternity issues. Any man that wouldn’t do a DNA check these days is just a fool. Trust is good but everyone has to earn it.

  13. I believe him to be frank.. He is my inlaw. The late wife was my sister…. This is not a true story .. He made up this story, to highlight how this type problems do happen.

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