360Events: Stop The Drumbeats Of War, Abuja

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As a teenage girl, caught up in the crossfire of the Nigeria-Biafra war (1967-1970) and made to live in the perilous African forest in order to escape abduction by randy soldiers, the horrors may have sunk into my impressionable mind and remained deep-seated. Now a mature adult survivor, I hear the drum beats of war still sounding as loud as they sounded over four decades ago….This must not be allowed.

9 months in the thick Evil Forest of Igboland, she hid away from the repeated rape attempts of Soldiers fighting against Biafra. Today she bears no grudge and has turned this horror story into a clarion call and national campaign drawing Nigerians from within and without together in a cry of ‘No more war’.

Ada Agbasimalo a.k.a The Forest Dame has partnered with the likes of top MC (Compere)and OAP, Petra Ologundudu and several other prominent names to birth THE FOREST DAME PEACE INITIATIVE a ‘No more war’ Campaign.

Feelers say that the city of Abuja will stand still, March 20th and all roads will lead to the National Press Centre for the unveiling of THE FOREST DAME PEACE INITIATIVE, and the launching of the book,THE FOREST DAME.

Come be part of this initiative and forum which will present and review the book titled “The Forest Dame”



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