10 Things A Woman Must Never Do To Her Husband (must read)

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So i was just passing through the internet as i always do and i came across this. seems alot like it was written by a Nigerian because Nigerian women are really fond of ‘my pastor said’. read up!

1) Never put your Pastor, Prophet or Choirmaster’s needs ahead of your Husband’s

2) Never compare his level of success with that of his more successful friends. Encourage him to build his dreams.

3) Never stand in support of your family’s decisions over his especially in the area of Financial Assistance. God said make a new family not bosom-feed yours.

4) Never keep secrets about your personal projects such as land acquisition, buildings, shares, bonuses, charity works, business deals and winning lottery tickets.

5) Never ask for more children male or female because you feel like or your friends have more than you. Consider the Financial prospects and Economic conditions of the present.

6) Never go through your husband’s email, phones, diaries or office drawers without his knowledge. If you do it without his knowledge, do not get caught.

7) Never hurt his pride in front of his friends or your friends. Always keep his image clean even if you detest it. otherwise file for a divorce

8) Never hold grudges for years only to burst them open on his head without warning on a calm day. That is a traitors character

9) Never deny your husband sex because you are trying to make a point. He can also make many points between the office and home and you will not be one of those points

10) Never miss every waking moment to pray for him and wish him long life and prosperity. because he won’t pray often and when he does he only asks for money and contracts. You know God listens to women better (does he?).

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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