What The Fugly Is Emma Nyra Wearing?!

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What was she thinking?!

In recent times, Triple MG act and first lady Emma Nyra has been under fire as a result of her choice of wears when it comes to attending events as well as her general styling. On many occasions has she been called out by fashion bloggers as the later shows disapproval at her conspicuous fashion faux paus regarding her style and outlook.

She even had a twitter spat with media persona Noble Igwe accusing him and his blog of writing allegedly trashy things about her. The cause of the spat was an article as regards Nigerian celebrities that need to change their appalling fashion sense and style. Emma made the list.

Moving on, just within this hour, she shared a picture via her Instagram handle and in the picture she couldn’t even afford to look better than her worst. In the caption, she called herself a rock star chic but this is far from rock star in my opinion. Your jeans, which is obviously torn by “God knows who” is ugly and terribly done.

Emma NyraWe feel there are better ways to look rockstar and still retain your class and chic outlook. There are better ways to distress your denim if you can’t get a ready-made one from the manufacturer. Moreover, your top gives very little to the imagination.

You probably have to visit style blogs every day and learn the rudiments of clothings and fashion, in general. We’ll give you a clue as to how to pull a proper rockstar look, just in case you are too busy to find this out yourself.

Perhaps a lambskin motorcycle jacket with a fringe flapper skirt, accessorized with a stretch studded bracelet, studded fingerless gloves and polished gold and silver bracelets, completed with a suede and leather high heels sandals would have done the trick, nailing the rockstar look. Maybe you had something else in mind, which obviously brought us to this.



Also, when next you are trying to pull a rockstar look, you can step out like Rihanna did below.


You’d gradually and consistently make the list of “improving celebrities with sense of style” with this advice, other than copping the award of the worst-dressed Nigerian celebrity.


Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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