We believe there are 250 ways to express love

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In how many ways can you express love? Probably you love music. Or you love gifts, ranging from thoughtful ones like chocolate bars at midday to in-your-face ones like a car with ribbons around its fenders.

What is your love language? Food, thoughtful words or massages after a long day?

What is love to you? The influence of some tremendous attraction? Family? Credit alerts? Jollof rice and dodo?

‘Ina Sonki’ ‘A hurum gi nanya’, ‘Mo nifẹẹ rẹ’ and the list goes on.  There are 250 tribes in Nigeria and we believe there are as many ways to express love. Access Bank is gathering a compendium of all the expressions of love and we need your opinions for this.

Guess what? Participating in the #LoveAll250 campaign also gives you the chance to give a gift to your Val free of charge, as Access Bank will deliver gifts to the doorstep of anyone you nominate.

To participate in this competition and have a gift delivered to your Val, simply:

  • Fill the form here. Share a picture that shows how you define or express love.

You can also make submissions using the hashtag #LoveAll250 and copying Access Bank’s social media handles: @myaccessbank on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s the season of love, we believe there are 250 unique ways to show love and we want to know yours.


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