Veteran Actor, Chief Zebrudaya Testifies At Synagogue Church (Photos & Video)

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Chief Chika Okpala, veteran actor and Nigerian comedian popularly known as ‘Chief Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo Alias 4:30’ is a testifying member  of Prophet TB Joshua’s church.
Watch this video of him at the Synagogue. According to Chief Zebrudaya, his brother’s wife had been kidnapped. He and his brother came down to the Synagogue and were given anointing water. After they administered it on his brother’s wife’s picture and the kidnappers released her without paying ransom, he came to church to testify to Chineke God. See the video of the testimony after the cut. But here’s a transcript of  what he said:
“This is the last born of my mother. When kidnappers kidnapped his wife on a Tuesday, they were demanding 150 million naira. They should have married her for 150 million naira, I haven’t seen where a woman is married for that amount. (audience laughs)
On Thursday, we ran to Synagogue church and we were arranged in the prayer line and he was given anointing water. He was told ,’When you get home, get the photograph, spray it on her face, throughout her body, and the whole photograph’. After the prayers as instructed,we sprayed the anointing water on the family picture. By 12 midnight, we received a call that our wife had been released.
Right now, she is with the children. And we thought we should come and testify to Chineke God. I am advising everybody under the condition and trauma we went through for 3 days when we couldn’t eat or sleep. I advise people to run to God, especially to Synagogue Church.”
Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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