Through The Eyes Of An Ordinary Nigerian [Must Read]

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‘Through The Eyes Of An Ordinary Nigerian’ is a photo series by 19 year old photography protege, Istifanus Zamani, who just like his subjects for the photo series has had his own fair share of lack and deprivation, he captures all that: the lack, struggle and suffering in this series that will leave you wondering what an ordinary Nigerian makes a day, and if ever it is enough.

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This couldn’t have been more timely, as Nigerians are set to go to the polls to elect leaders who will be responsible for job creation, security, power and poverty; hence, the need to vote leaders who have the poor in mind, leaders who will be accountable and effective, with people-friendly policies, not leaders who strive for self enrichment and for policies that only make the rich richer.
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Remember to vote Right and Smart. God bless Nigeria.



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  1. Yo! Cool about all time trying to relocate from doing love valentine or making election choices. No violence in action programme and election shifted for between a nation, where does it really stand “the love for choices”?

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