The D’banj 10th Year Anniversary In Retrospect, Worth Celebrating Or Not?

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Dbanj is still an Industry force to reckon with today, musical downturns regardless. Following this, it was only logical to believe the hype that was his 10th Year Anniversary Celebration. In the end though, it was as earlier stated, nothing but hype!

On the 27th of December, 2012; we witnessed a flawed Koko Concert by the Koko Master in which he gathered a host of Fans and Guests at the Eko Atlantic City, subjected them to long treks on the sandy turf and capped the night off with overall insipid performances. Not even the invited (unfitting foreign) Arts could save the day. Oh well, except Tinie Tempah’s performance on the day, that one was some absolute humdinger.

Following the furore in the wake of 2012’s Koko Concert, who would have expected another flop in the name of a Dbanj Show, Concert or anything similar any time soon? Alas, we underestimated Mr. Banga Lee. On Saturday, January 31st, 2015; history repeated itself in the form of another lackluster, overrated Dbanj gig. Shucks!

Anyways, we love Dbanj and hope for his continuous relevance in the Nigerian music space, even though it is obvious how much he needs to get his music popping more than ever if indeed this continued relevance is to happen. We know that shows (and endorsements) are the mainstays of our Artistes so we saw it logical to run through the negatives of the recent 10th Year Anniversary of one of our finest Pop stars of the last decade, with the hope that this helps throw some light on areas of specific weaknesses in the event anything else of this sort is planned in future.

First off, Dbanj and his team need to sit up and sort out all such issues that border on lateness. His 10th Year gig isn’t the first time he’s had guests turn up for him only for him to come forth behind schedule.

Amber Rose In Lagos

Then there is the need for adequate preparedness in aspects of performances and every stage representation, from Dbanj to respective guest Arts, so that we have a truly worthwhile event instead of the overhyped, shitty stuff we have come to witness in recent times from the man.

Then for Heaven’s sake, does the team of organizers in Banga Lee’s camp think it through before making their choice of personality to compere his shows? Methinks they don’t. In 2012, Idris Elba came through and couldn’t fire up the lethargy that was Koko Concert. In 2015, there is Amber Rose who –following talks of her coming over to host– spent a paltry 7minutes or so on stage before escaping through the backstage. What arrant shoddiness? Amber was NO host, compere or anything close on the day. A mere guest appearance, she left the crowd grossly unsatisfied, leaving almost as soon as she got in; hence making little or no difference on there. And yes, she didn’t twerk nothing!

Lastly, there was an obvious disregard for Pressmen and Publicists prior to the gig, which meant they hadn’t the requisite access to the event. Plus other A-lists Arts also weren’t within sight. Quite uncoordinated, ill-timed and below par coming from the Star Singer. We hope for better, well-orchestrated gigs from the man. But first, can the Koko Man please get his music right? Of course we expect him to, after all shows are only a sequel to lustrous studio efforts. Peace!


Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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  1. I get your point. But D’banj shouldn’t be blamed totally. The organizers of the event have a lot to explain. As for the long trek, I guess we just exhibiting the spirit of the Israelites in Us. And as for the 10th Year anniversary it’s worth celebrating even though I expect nothing more from the Ejanla, cos the like of Blackfaze and Azadus ain’t nowhere to be found.
    Big ups for your unbiased review.

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