The 5 Biggest Artiste-Producer Collaborations In Nigerian Music

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A normal song is composed of two main parts, the vocal part, and the instrumentals. Both are needed for the song to fully appeal to the masses. Except you have an awesome voice like 2Face who can go acapella and still sell.

Over the course of time, certain producers and singers have come together to form bonds that have led to hit track after hit track. In this article, I’d be naming my top 5 artiste-producers collaborations, in no particular order.

Here goes!

1. D’banj & Don Jazzy.


Did I say no particular order? Yeah I did. But regardless, this is the greatest of the greatest. The GOAT of all artiste-combo partnerships. These two went together like Sunday Jollof rice and Moin-Moin. Like BG Mart Shawarma and cold Fanta. There was nothing sweeter.

D’banj and Don Jazzy appeared on so many songs, and every single one of them was a dope ass song. From D’banj’s first album No Long Thing, to Rundown, to Curriculum Vitae and finally to The Entertainer, D’banj and Don Jazzy were a partnership that should never have ended.

2. D’Tunes & Iyanya (subtituted at Half time for Sean Tizzle)

sean-tizzzle download (4)

D’Tunes and Iyanya were probably the lite version of D’banj and Don Jazzy. Great producer, charismatic singer. D’Tunes and Iyanya owned a year like no one before them had. The duo started off the year with the banging Kukere, and shut it down with My Waist.

But as the legendary Nelly Furtado said, all good things must come to an end. Iyanya and D’Tunes went their separate ways, and D’Tunes pulled off a transfer even Alex Ferguson would be impressed with. He, in simpler terms, sold a Ronaldo and bought a Messi.

D’Tunes and Sean Tizzle hit the ground running like thieves were pursuing them with Sho Lee, and have been an unstoppable force ever since.

3. Terry G and Terry G


The Akpako master Terry G added another meaning to “One Man Mopol.” Terry G would wake up himself, bathe himself, walk to the studio by himself, open the door by himself, put on the generator by himself (because light no fit dey), produce beat by himself, write lyrics by himself, mix and master by himself, shoot video by himself, and then go back home by himself.

And nobody is complaining, because Terry Gzus gave us one of the greatest Nigerian dancehall albums of all time, with tracks like Free Madness and Sangalow bringing out our inner demons.

4. Davido and Shizzi / Olamide and Pheelz

olamide-pheelz Davido-Shizzi

I joined these two together because they are combinations that are still growing. Never the less, they have both delivered banging jams in the short time they’ve been together, Davido and Shizzi giving us Dami Duro and Skelewu, while Olamide and Pheelz have given us hits like First Of All and Skammer.

Both artistes are heavily in form, and these collaborations could become very big in the future.

5. Wizkid and everybody.


I had to put Wizkid because you can’t really deny his impact on Nigerian music. The self-acclaimed Star Boy has played a huge role in the exportation of Nigerian music to other parts of Africa and the world as a whole.

But Wizkid’s versatility means that he doesn’t need to bond to  any particular producer. From Sarz on Beat Of Life, to Maleek Berry on The Matter, to Legendury Beatz on Oje, Wizkid has shown that he’s just like one of those sex workers on Allen Avenue. It doesn’t matter who picks him up, just give him a dope beat and he’d ride it (no pun intended).

Is there any one I missed? Comment below!



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