Student Raped Classmate While Portraying 50 Shades Of Grey

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It appears the blockbuster movie is getting more than what it bargained for? From disagreements and fights at cinemas where it’s being viewed and now to RAPE?!

A college student has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly being inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.

Mohammad Hossain, 19, told police that he and his victim were re-enacting scenes from the film in his dorm room.

Prosecutors claim that he told the woman to strip, then tied her up, covered her eyes with a knit hat, removed her underwear, stuffed a necktie in her mouth and began hitting her with a belt.

The woman told him to stop because it was hurting, it is alleged, but he continued to hit her.

Prosecutor Sarah Karr said that when the woman managed to free her arms, Hossain held them behind her back and sexually assaulted her.

Hossain’s lawyer Sandra Bennewitz said he has been active in several leadership programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

‘How can someone involved in all that let a movie persuade him to do something like this?’ asked Judge Adam Bourgeois.

‘He would say that it was consensual,’ Bennewitz replied.

He was detained on $500,000 bail after he appeared in court on Monday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The film adaptation of E.L. James’s 2011 erotic romance trilogy about the sado-masochistic relationship between a college grad and a business tycoon has been a box office hit since its Valentine’s Day release.


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