Stephen Keshi Promises Burkina Faso World Cup Appearance

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Stephen Keshi has said he knows he can take Burkina Faso to the World Cup if given the chance.

Keshi, who is one of 3 shortlisted coaches by the country’s FA, has spoken about his dreams and goals if given the job.

“My ambitions remain the same from one national team to another. I don’t want to have the job just to have the job but to bring a real plus,” Keshi said.

“If I am chosen, by the grace of God, I first want to qualify Burkina Faso for the 2017 AFCON finals and why not for the next World Cup as I did with Togo.

“And then I want to do what it takes to go as far as possible in those competitions. Everything is possible.”

“There is no success without vision, without hard work and without confidence. If all those things are in place, I insist that the Stallions can compete with the best in Africa.

“If I get the job, my objective is to transmit this desire of giving it all for their country, this winning culture, to follow the local players and instill a healthy competition between them like I did in Nigeria with youngsters like Sunday Mba and other locals who went on to be Africa champions in 2013.

“As head coach of Nigeria, I played the 2013 AFCON final against these Stallions and I was very pleased with them.”



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